Search&Promote 8.9.4 Release Notes (01/17/2013)

New features and enhancements



Added the ability to create inline notes when you create Query Cleaning Rules, Pre-Search Rules, and Post-Search Rules. The notes field lets you document and explain the rules.

See About Query Cleaning Rules.

See About Pre-Search Rules.

See About Post-Search Rules.

Guided Search

Added Guided Search tags to indicate the total time that a search took.

<guided-search-time> - Identifies how long the search took. The returned search time value is specified in ms.

<guided-fall-through-searches> - Returns the count of cores searches that are used to build the page of search results.

<guided-if-fall-through-search> - Tests if the count of core searches is greater than 1.

See also Miscellaneous Language in Presentation template tags.


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