Search&Promote 8.12.0 Release Notes (01/16/2014)

New features and enhancements


Stemming dictionaries added

Stemming dictionaries were added for Indonesian and Turkish languages.

See About Dictionaries.

Export reports

You can now export data to CSV from the following reports:

  • Terms Report

  • Null Search Terms Report

  • Search Request Report

See About the Reports menu.

Do not associate

You can now control which two words should not be associated together in search results, such as "Sweatshirt" and "Shirt".

Note: This feature is not enabled by default. Contact Adobe Customer Care to activate the feature in Search&Promote for your use.


  • You could not add results in a Recommended zone that were outside the currently selected faceting criteria.

  • You could not save results-based rules for an account with HTTPS-only searching.

  • Setting up a Business rule for “is not a mobile phone” did not work.

    See About Business Rules.

  • Performing an inventory filter search did not return results.

  • The Size facet order was not getting updated.

  • Added the option for a “custom” rule definition to the Query Cleaning page.

    See About Query Cleaning Rules.

  • The Terms report was repeating entries if there was not enough data.

    See Viewing the Terms Report or the Null Search Terms Report….

  • Pushing a single business rule live was working in Staging mode, but failing in Live mode.

  • Auto-complete edits to Include or Exclude lists were not saved in History and, therefore, could not be reverted.

    See About Auto-Complete.

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