Search&Promote 15.1.1 Release Notes (01/15/2015)

New feature

  • Previously, linguistics such as stemming, synonyms, and so forth, were always applied to keywords in Guided Search rules. Now you can disable this expansion so that the keyword is used as is.

    When you want to apply trigger conditions to a business rule, in the Advanced Rule Builder, following If any/all of the following conditions are met, in the first drop-down list, select keyword, and then select the new operator equal exact in the second drop-down list.

    See About Business Rules.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Visual Rule Builder and Advanced Rule Builder no longer truncates the MDI (Merchandising Document ID) field value.

  • RBTA-related indexing failures are now fixed.

  • Editing an existing business rule that has a status of “approved” now revokes the “approved” status. You must use Advanced Rule Builder to recheck the option Approved, and then save the rule as usual. If you do not reapprove an edited rule, the rule’s status is automatically set to WIP (Work In Progress) on the Business Rules page.

  • A new Advanced Search option is now available on the Business Rules page for improved filtering of rules.

  • Added contains word condition to rule triggers in Query Cleaning, Pre-Search Rules, Post Search Rules, and Business Rules, to let you easily specify word breaks.

  • Improvements made to business rule notes such as when you view a rule, you can now retrieve the notes history for that rule. Also, notes are now logged in Reports > Change Log.

  • Queries with nonzero sp_i values are no longer run through the Adobe Analytics redirector.

    See row 15 in the table in Backend search CGI parameters.

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