Configuring recent searches

Recent Searches is a cookie-based system that lets you use a presentation template to display your customer’s recent search history.

You use the Recent Searches page to configure the behavior of searches.

Refer to the presentation template tag reference topic to learn more about the various tags that you can use to display the recent searches on your presentation template.

See Presentation template tags.

To configure recent searches

  1. On the program menu, click Design > Navigation > Recent Searches.

  2. On the Recent Searches page, set the options that you want.



    Enable recent searches

    When the Recent Searches module is enabled, the cookie "vsrecentsearches" is set with the outgoing search results.

    Number of searches to save

    Configure how many searches to save in the cookie.


    Specifies when the cookie expires.

  3. (Optional) Do one of the following:

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