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You can use Home to view a variety of report widgets that give you a quick overview of your Search&Promote account.

You can drag-and-drop report widgets to rearrange your home page without affecting other users who are members of the account. You can also delete report widgets from the home page, or you can add them back using the Add Content drop-down list.

The following table describes the report widgets that are available from Home:




Displays the last three alerts that were sent to your account.

Shows the last three alerts that were sent to your account.

You can click an alert for more details. This widget can save you time from having to review missed alerts in the Alerts report on the Reports product menu.

Crawl Performance (Bytes Downloaded)

Graphs the bytes that are downloaded during the last three days when your site was crawled.

The graph provides a profile of your crawl. If the shape of the graph suddenly changes from one day to the next, it means that something on your site has changed. Or, it can mean that the configuration of the crawler has changed, or that there is a problem with the crawl itself.

See About the Crawling menu.

Index Information

Shows the state of your current index and your last index operation. If your last index operation failed or stopped, then your current index is not updated to include that operation.

This report informs you if your current index is stale and an index rebuild or index regenerate is necessary.

See About Full Index

See About Incremental Index

See About Regenerate Index.

Null Search Terms Report

Shows you the top five search terms that customers searched for during the last week, but did not return any search results. Knowing the common null search terms helps you to create content or synonyms for those terms.

When you click a search term in the list a search is performed.

Recent Changes

Shows the last five changes that were made to your account.

Search Form

Lets you test a simple search.

You can type a term that you want to test, and then click Search. By default the search form performs a search in the Staging area.

Terms Report

Shows the top five unique terms that a customer searched for, during the last week, that returned search results.

Clicking the search term performs that search. This report shows you what customers are most frequently searching for on your site.

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