Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - September 2022

Last update: September 2022


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Latest update: September 19, 2022

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Updated September 19, 2022

Product / Event Name Type Description
Experience League Showcase Contest Tell Adobe how you have integrated Experience Cloud products to create innovative and personalized customer experiences. Submit your story and be recognized by Adobe! Entries accepted September 9 - 29 - Details
Adobe Workfront Workshop Diagramming Workflows - Join the Customer Success team for a live discussion and walk-through of diagramming workflows - from intake through completion - and understanding how to set a solid foundation for effective work management practices.

September 20 - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Webinar System Admin Essentials: Getting Started with Resource Management - Using Adobe Workfront to manage your resources is the DREAM - knowing the work that needs to be done, what resources you can access, and assigning them based on their availability. Join us to learn how.

September 21 @ 8:00 a.m. UK - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop Value Realization Series: Making the case for Project Templates - Join us for our discussion on Project Templates and the different ways they add value and create efficiencies to organizations. We brainstorm different approaches to structuring templates to support your projects - by campaign, by deliverable, and so on. We demo some favorites as well as walk through our latest blueprints.

September 21 @ 12:30 p.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop 10 Communication Tips to Keep You and Your Users on Track - Effective communication is an integral part of you, your users, and ultimately, company success. This workshop provides ten tips - both in and out of Workfront - to help promote performance, productivity, and reduce the risk of unnecessary problems.

September 22 @ 7:00 p.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Campaign Standard Workshop Community Q&A Coffee Break - Join Tamara Wulf and Earl Ross to chat about your queries pertaining to the topics discussed in the Adobe Campaign Insider webinar on Checklist for Success During the Holidays and Peak Seasons.

September 22 @ 8:00 p.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop Driving Adoption with Dashboards: Planners - Join the Customer Success team as we continue the new dashboard series based on the Adobe Workfront persona. This session focuses on your Planners, who often function in the project or initiative management role. Learn how to build a proactive, team-oriented space for activity awareness and accountability.

September 27 @ 9:00 a.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop Value Realization Series: Roadmapping Your Workfront Journey - What’s next on your Workfront Journey? Join us to talk through how to create your own roadmap for Adobe Workfront at your organization. We’ll share some ideas on our favorite milestones to add to your roadmap as well as our experiences as former System Admins.

October 4 @ 12:30 p.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop CS Connections: Sharing Strategic Best Practices - Looking for an opportunity to connect with other customers and discuss Workfront features? Join our CS Connections series! A monthly opportunity to connect with other customers to discuss your organization’s hot topics. We’ll brainstorm together with Sys Admins to solve challenges, share ideas, and discuss best practices.

Date: October 10 @ 7:00 a.m. MT Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop Driving Adoption with User Management - Are you getting started with Workfront and want to get more familiar with the setup functions related to your end users? Join the Customer Success team as we review hands-on examples of reports and dashboards to set both a foundation for successful user management and create a useful, informative end-user experience.

October 18 @ 9:00 a.m. MT - Details & registration

Adobe Workfront Workshop Adoption Series: Making Workfront Fun(front)! Need adoption ideas? We’ve got 'em! Our team has been through the highs and lows of user adoption and focusing on the fun is the key to success. We’ll chat through some things that worked for us and provide plenty of time for an open discussion to share ideas with other customers.

October 20 @ 12:30 p.m. MT - Details & registration

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Adobe System Status provides detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Check it out at

For the latest release information, see Adobe System Status release notes.

Icon Experience Cloud - central interface components & administration

Experience Cloud central UI components include features available on the home page and the persistent product header. These features include user profile settings, preferences, and search. You can also find help on user and product management, Customer Attributes, and Experience Cloud Audiences.

Provisioning update


Administrators, don’t miss this important notice about Experience Cloud provisioning (published July 2022).

Icon Adobe Experience Platform

Latest release information and new documentation for Experience Platform and Mobile SDK:

Release date: September 28, 2022

Adobe Mobile SDK

Updated: September 1, 2022 - See Release notes and change logs for the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Icon Adobe Analytics

Release date: September 14, 2022

Last update: September 6, 2022


Release version: 2.22.4

New Analytics tutorials and courses

New video tutorials, articles, and courses published for Adobe Analytics.

Published Name Type Description
September 2022 Create a flow visualization Video Learn how to use Flow visualizations to explore the exact journeys customers have with your brand.

Icon Customer Journey Analytics

Latest update: September 6, 2022

New Customer Journey Analytics tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for CJA.

Published Name Type Description
September 2022 Audience Publishing for Customer Journey Analytics Video Learn how to use Customer Journey Analytics to publish audiences you discover from your analysis to the Adobe Experience Platform Real-Time Customer Profile for segment activation, using Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform or Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Icon Streaming Media Analytics

Last update: March 23, 2022

Icon Audience Manager

Not updated

For self-help resources, see Audience Manager documentation and tutorials on Experience League.

Icon Adobe Experience Manager

New features, fixes, and updates in Experience Manager. Adobe recommends customers with On-Premise deployments to deploy the latest patches to ensure higher stability, security, and performance.

Adobe recommends visiting the Experience Manager release updates and roadmaps page to stay current on release information.

Product update videos

Watch the August 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.8.0 (August 2022) release.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

New features

  • When sharing digital assets as a link, the users can copy the URL to clipboard right away. The enhancement lets you share assets in a faster and more convenient way. This functionality allows for faster and convenient asset sharing.
  • When you upload TXT files, the asset microservices automatically generates a thumbnail. The PNG thumbnail is a rendition of TXT file that helps users identity the contents or the files to some extent, without opening the files. This functionality does not require any configuration and works by default.

New feature available in prerelease channel

  • Users can now sort the assets displayed in the search results in Column and Card views. The sorting works on Name, Created, Modified, or None columns.

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

New features

Beta features of Forms

  • Unified Storage Connector - Use Unified Storage Connector to externalize in-process data in customer-managed repositories. For example, you can
    • Enable Forms Portal’s save and resume functionality and store adaptive forms drafts in a customer-managed data repository.
    • Store in-process Experience Manager Workflows data (Experience Manager Workflow Variables data) that contains Sensitive Personal Data (SPD) in a customer-managed repository.
  • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service, Communications - Communication APIs help you combine XDP templates and XML data to generate print documents in various formats. The service allows you to generate documents in synchronous mode. The APIs enables you to create applications that let you:
    • Generate documents by populating template files with XML data.
    • Generate output forms in various formats, including non-interactive PDF print streams.
    • Generate print PDF files from an XFA form PDF and Adobe Acrobat Form.
      You can write to to sign up for the beta program.

New features available in prerelease channel

Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service

New features

  • Screens as a Cloud Service now supports basic playback monitoring. The player now reports various playback metrics with each ping (default is 30 seconds). Based on the metrics, it can detect various edge cases (stuck experience, blank screen, scheduling problem, and so on). This feature lets the team remotely monitor if a player is properly playing content. It also improves reactivity to blank screens or broken experiences in the field, and decreases the risk of showing a broken experience to the end user.
    See Basic Playback Monitoring for more details.
  • Thumbnail Support for videos in now supported in Screens as a Cloud Service. A content author can define a thumbnail for videos so that the image is used as a placeholder. They can properly test content playback and targeting, while the actual video is being finalized by the appropriate team. The image can also be used, in case the playback of the video fails.
    See Thumbnail Support for Videos for more details.

Cloud Manager

New features

  • The version of the AEM Archetype project used by Cloud Manager is now updated to version 30.
  • The program cards on the Cloud Manager landing page and the associated experience are now refreshed.
  • The Code Quality Step Log now includes verbose logging information on the OakPal scanning process.
  • The Activity page menu options now include an option to Download Log for completed Code Generator executions. Selecting this downloads the log of the build step.
  • Clicking directly on the Program card now navigates to Cloud Manager Overview page.
  • Cloud Service customers can now view SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports in Cloud Manager. This feature is being made available progressively over the next few months.
    See SLA Reporting to learn more.
  • The type and severity of the IndexType and IndexDamAssetLucene quality rules has been changed. These are now both Bugs of Blocker severity.
  • New Oak index quality rules have been introduced to cover asynchronous and Tika configurations.
  • Increase max SSL certs per program to 50.
  • Self-service capability to let users create and manage multiple repositories by way of the Cloud Manager user interface.
  • SonarQube was unnecessarily reading Git history data. On large code bases, this could lead to an unnecessary build performance penalty.
  • There is now an API available to invalidate the Maven dependency cache per pipeline.
  • The version of the AEM Archetype project used by Cloud Manager is now updated to version 29.


New Experience Manager courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, and courses published over the past month.

Published Name Type Description Applications
September 2022 AEM as a Cloud Service 2022.8.0 release update Video Hear from the AEM Product team, and learn about the features and innovations for the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Assets Essentials, Sites, Commerce Integration Framework, Forms, and Cloud Manager. AEM
September 2022 Web optimized image delivery Video Learn how to enable web-optimized image delivery on AEM as a Cloud Service sites using AEM Core Components. AEM Sites
September 2022 Integrate with Microsoft® Power Automate Video Invoke your power automate flows on an Adaptive Form submission. Learn the steps to configure and integrate Forms CS with Microsoft® power automate. Parse submitted form data, and send DoR as an email attachment. AEM Forms CS
September 2022 Adobe Content Management Forum event series - 2022 Video Watch the welcome address and get an AEM overview, delivered by Elliot Sedegah. It also covers unlocking the power of content velocity, and much more. AEM CS
September 2022 The Skill Exchange - Developer Track - Experience Makers Spotlight Video Join us as we spotlight two expert AEM users. Each shares their best AEM tip or trick. AEM CS
September 2022 The Skill Exchange - Marketer / Web Publisher Video Learn how to utilize experience fragments to drive reuse and efficiency across your ecosystem. This impacts ROI and drive velocity. AEM CS
September 2022 How to use AEM React Editable Components v2 Video Learn how to use AEM React Editable Components. AEM provides AEM React Editable Components v2, an Node.js-based SDK that allows the creation of React components, that support in-context component editing using AEM SPA Editor. AEM CS

Experience Manager release information

All Experience Manager release notes are maintained at the following pages:

Other Help resources for Experience Manager

Icon Adobe Experience Manager Guides

Experience Manager Guides is an application deployed onto AEM. It is a powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS) which enables native DITA support in Adobe Experience Manager, empowering AEM to handle DITA-based content creation and delivery.

Learn more about Experience Manager Guides.

Additional resources

Icon Adobe Commerce

See the following links for Adobe Commerce release notes:


Adobe Search&Promote end-of-service is scheduled for September 1, 2022. For product and commerce search, Live Search is Adobe’s search application. See the end-of-life announcement for more information.

New Adobe Commerce tutorials and documentation

Published Name Type Description
September 2022 Deliver Headless Experiences with Adobe Experience Manager Video Learn about headless experience management using the latest Experience Manager Content Fragment enhancements and the new GraphQL API for headless content delivery.
September 2022 Adobe Commerce Catalog Management Guide Video Get detailed information about content and design features, including the building basic content components.
September 2022 Setup multiple commerce systems Video Learn how to set up AEM with multiple Adobe commerce environments.

Icon Adobe Target

Last Updated: September 6, 2022

Icon Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.

Latest Campaign product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Campaign v7, Campaign v8, and Campaign Standard release notes.

New Campaign tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Campaign.

Published Name Type Description Applications
September 2022 Set up SMS for Adobe Campaign Course Learn how to connect your Campaign instance to your SMTP provider and how to analyze and troubleshoot the configuration. Campaign Classic v7
September 2022 Set up SMS for Adobe Campaign Course Learn how to connect your Campaign instance to your SMTP provider and how to analyze and troubleshoot the configuration. Campaign v8
September 2022 SMPP protocol deep dive and troubleshooting Video Learn how SMPP connections are established and how SMPP exchanges data through PDUs. Understand how to troubleshoot connections. Campaign v8

Campaign help resources

Icon Adobe Journey Optimizer

With Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application–and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Latest Journey Optimizer product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Optimizer Release Notes.

New Journey Optimizer tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Published Name Type Description
September 2022 Getting started with decision management for marketers Course Learn about Adobe Journey Optimizer’s decision management capabilities. This course is designed for marketers who want to drive revenue, customer experience and loyalty by delivering the best offers to their customers
September 2022 Create a campaign Video Learn how to deliver one-time content to a specific audience by executing actions immediately, or on a specified schedule.

More resources for Journey Optimizer

Icon Adobe Journey Orchestration

Use Experience Platform to orchestrate a customer’s journey at scale across experience channels, by intelligently anticipating every individual’s needs in real time.

Latest Journey Orchestration product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Orchestration release notes.

More resources for Journey Orchestration

Icon Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a complete application for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

Core Marketo Engage updates

See Marketo Engage release schedule for the latest release schedule information and release notes.

New Marketo tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Marketo.

Published Name Type Description
August 2022 Marketo Engage tutorials Videos Visit the Marketo Engage tutorial home on Experience League for all past and new tutorials for Marketo Engage.

For the latest product documentation, see the Marketo product documentation home

Icon Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their best work.

New Adobe Workfront courses and tutorials

New Workfront course and collections of tutorials on Experience League.

Note: Translation on Experience League for all Workfront tutorials and product documentation is coming soon!

Published Name Type Description
September 2022 Workfront courses Courses Browse our new courses available for Workfront on Experience League.
September 2022 Best Practices Articles Learn best practices from both internal and external Workfront experts on how to use the Workfront tools to enhance work processes.
September 2022 Boards Video Watch new tutorials that show how to use the new Boards tool with it’s current functionality.
September 2022 Agile: Scrum Video Learn how to create an agile team, select the scrum methodology, and determine settings for the scrum team. Watch tutorials migrated from Workfront One that show how to do the Scrum agile methodology within Workfront.
September 2022 Agile: Kanban Video Watch tutorials migrated from Workfront One that show how to do the Kanban agile methodology within Workfront
September 2022 Personal Time-Off Calendar Articles View tutorials that show why personal time off is important, and how to add it within Workfront to resource management is easier.
September 2022 Workfront Fusion training Video Each Workfront Fusion section contains multiple tutorials, with each tutorial, presenting concepts you need to understand before progressing to the next tutorial. A walkthrough exercise helps you master most concepts.

See the Workfront product releases page for a round-up of the latest information for all products.

Icon Adobe Advertising Cloud

Release notes for Adobe Advertising Cloud.

New features in Advertising Cloud DSP

Last updated: September 12, 2022

Feature Description
Package and placement pacing (September 12 release) Separate pacing controls are now available for flight pacing and intraday pacing. Previously, a single strategy controlled both. Settings for your existing packages and placements were mapped as follows:
  • Legacy Pacing fill strategy=Even — Now configured as Flight pacing=Even and Intraday pacing=Even
  • Legacy Pacing fill strategy=Slightly Ahead — Now configured as Flight pacing=Slightly Ahead and Intraday pacing=Even
  • Legacy Pacing fill strategy=Frontload — Now configured as Flight pacing=Frontload and Intraday pacing=ASAP
  • Legacy Pacing fill strategy=Aggressive Frontload — Now configured as Flight pacing=Aggressive Frontload and Intraday pacing=ASAP

Last updated: September 9, 2022 for September 10 release

Feature Description
Campaigns (Google Ads accounts; beta feature) You can now create and manage Google Ads performance max campaigns, which show and optimize conversions for your ads across channels using Google Ads smart bidding, using the Campaign Type “Performance Max.”
(Google Ads accounts) The Campaigns > Ads view now includes an optional Ad Strength column, which indicates how well each responsive search ad (RSA) follows Google Ads best practices for performance.

Microsoft® Advertising doesn’t yet enable similar support via their API.
(Microsoft® Advertising accounts) Synchronization, read-only, and reporting (including view-through data) support are now available for your existing native ad campaigns on the Microsoft® Audience Network, including those with Microsoft® audience ads.
Campaigns, Reports More publisher impression share metrics become available in the following weeks as columns in the campaign management views and reports.
Conversion Value Rules (Google Ads accounts; beta feature) You can now view your existing conversion value rules from Optimization > Conversion Value Rules. Advertisers with Google Ads conversion tracking at the individual account level or lower can also create and manage rules.
Portfolios (Opt-in beta feature; Google Ads accounts) YouTube campaigns with the Maximize Conversions bid strategy in hybrid portfolios are now included in custom simulation results. The hybrid portfolio must include only YouTube campaigns.

To participate in the beta program, contact your account team.
Advertising Insights The Advertising Insights view has a new look and workflow, based on a new infrastructure that improves performance and reliability. Now, just click an insight name, select or enter the settings, and then click Generate Insight.

To temporarily return to the legacy view, enable Switch to old UI in the upper right. The legacy view will be removed at the end of September.
The Query Cross Matching Beta analysis is now available.
Reports (Google Ads accounts only) The new specialty report RSA Assets Report shows impression metrics for each asset (Creative Title or Description) for the responsive search ads (RSAs) in one or more portfolios or one or more accounts, campaigns, and ad groups. By default, data includes one row for each asset that received at least one impression in the specified data range, even if the asset was disabled (removed) during the reporting period. Note: When you select the option to “Include rows with no performance data,” the data still won’t include data for assets that have never received data.
Additional support for responsive search ads (RSA) is available in the Ad Variation Report:
      (Google Ads accounts only) In the Columns settings, a new “Ad Strength” column indicates how well the RSA follows Google Ads best practices for performance. The same column is available in the Campaigns > Ads view. Microsoft® Advertising doesn’t yet enable similar support via their API.
    • In the Columns settings, you can sort the report results by Creative Titles and by Descriptions.
    • In the Advanced Filters settings, you can filter by the Ad Text field, which applies to both Creative Titles and Descriptions.
Recommendations (Google Ads accounts; beta feature) Within Insights & Reports > Recommendations Beta, you can:
  • See at a glance all recommendations that haven’t been acted on for a Google Ads account.
  • Apply and dismiss the recommendations for an account.
  • View logs of each recomendation that was applied for an account.

Supported Recommendations:
  • Recommendation Category; Recommendation Type; Description
  • Ads & extensions; CALL_EXTENSION; Add call extensions to campaign
  • Ads & extensions; CALLOUT_EXTENSION; Add callout extensions to campaign
  • Ads & extensions; OPTIMIZE_AD_ROTATION; Use optimized ad rotations
  • Ads & extensions; RESPONSIVE SEARCH_AD; Add new responsive search ad
  • Ads & extensions; RESPONSIVE_SEARCH_AD_ASSET; Add responsive search ad assets to an ad
  • Ads & extensions; SITELINK_EXTENSION; Add sitelink extensions to canpaign
  • ads & extensions; TEXT_AD; Add ad suggestions
  • Bidding & budgets; CAMPAIGN BUDGET; Fix campaigns Limited by budget
  • Bidding & budgets; ENHANCED_CPC_OPT_IN; Bid with Enhanced CPC
  • Bidding & budgets; FORECASTING_CAMPAIGN BUDGET; Fix campaigns that are expected to become Limited by budget in the future
  • Bidding & budgets; MARGINAL ROI_CAMPAIGN BUDGET; Adjust campaign budget to increase ROI
  • Bidding & budgets; MAXIMIZE CLICKS OPT_IN; Bid with Maximize Clicks
  • Bidding & budgets; MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS OPT_IN; Bid with Maximize Conversions
  • Bidding & budgets; MOVE_UNUSED_BUDGET; Move unused to constrained budgets
  • Bidding & budgets; TARGET_CPA_OPT_IN; Bid with Target CPA
  • Bidding & budgets; TARGET_ROAS_OPT_IN; Bid with Target ROAS
  • Keywords & targeting; KEYWORD; Add new keywords
  • keywords & targeting; SEARCH_PARTNERS_OPT_IN; Expand reach with Google search partners
  • keywords & targeting; USE_BROAD MATCH KEYWORD; Use broad match for conversion-based campaigns with Fully Automated Conversion Based Bidding
  • Import Campaigns (Beta feature) You can import your Google Display Network campaigns, including ad images, into Microsoft® Advertising audience campaigns on the Microsoft® Audience Network from Tools > Import Campaigns. Once you import campaigns, you can check the status of your import job, review any error logs, and edit, pause, or delete your import schedule.

    Icon Adobe Document Cloud

    New tutorials and courses published for Adobe Document Cloud, including Document Services and Acrobat Sign.

    Published Name Type Description Application
    September 2022 Auto-adjust layout Video Learn about the new editing mode that reflows content and auto-adjusts the layout across pages in your PDF. Acrobat
    September 2022 Add custom page Video Learn how to add custom pages to your PDF using the integrated Adobe Express app, which offers thousands of templates to choose from. Acrobat
    September 2022 Modify an existing web form Video Learn how to disable, edit, and re-enable an existing web form. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Creating a report Video Learn how to build your own reports to gain visibility into your document signing process, or see how individual groups or users are doing. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Creating a report chart Video (updated) Learn how to build, save, and manage your own custom reports and data exports in a personalized view with the new reporting experience. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Building a custom workflow Video (updated) Learn how to tailor and automate document workflows to get electronic signatures, collect form data, and confirm delivery of an important document to streamline workflow management. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Send for signature in Microsoft Teams Video (updated) Learn how to send agreements for signature, check the status of agreements, and send reminders all from within Microsoft Teams. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Adding fields to your documents Video (updated) Learn how to automatically place fields on your document or use the drag-and-drop authoring environment inside Acrobat Sign. Acrobat Sign
    September 2022 Configure sending options Video (updated) Learn how to configure various options when sending out a document for signature. Acrobat Sign

    For Document Cloud help, see:

    Icon Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

    New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Campaign.

    Published Name Type Description
    September 2022 Taming Font Anxiety with Adobe Fonts PDF Learn how Adobe Fonts work in this hands-on tutorial.
    September 2022 Adobe Acrobat for Content Creators PDF As a content creator, you probably generate PDFs and then routinely view those PDF files in Adobe Acrobat. But, Acrobat also includes many tools that help streamline typical creative workflows. Learn two specific tools: Sharing with Others and Protection.

    See Creative Cloud for enterprise tutorials for the latest tutorials.

    Icon Customer Data Management - Voices

    Customer Data Management Voices is your destination as a customer data management technical and marketing practice leader and specialist. This collection of tutorials is your one-stop-shop to hear from your peers, get inspired, and learn about developments in MarTech. No registration required, simply click and watch.

    Icon Digital Experience Blueprints

    Digital Experience Blueprints are repeatable implementations that let you address strategy and quickly solve established business problems. Each Blueprint provides a series of artifacts that explain the high-value business problem, architectures, implementation steps, technical considerations, and links to the relevant documentation.


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