Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - February 2022


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February 2022

Latest update: February 11, 2022

Need help? Visit Experience League for product and technical documentation, Adobe-curated courses, video tutorials, quick answers, community insight, and instructor-led training.

Icon Experience League Events

Experience League Events are a great place to get answers from product experts at Adobe. Three types of events include:

Event Type Description
Experience League LIVE A live streaming show produced by the Experience League team and hosted on YouTube. It’s a chance to connect with Adobe product experts. Learn actionable tips, tricks, and strategies you can apply with the Adobe Experience Cloud applications.
Scroll down to learn more about upcoming events and watch past events hosted on Experience League Live.
Community Q&A Coffee Breaks Spend an hour with a special guest and submit your questions in Experience League Communities! Get questions answers from product experts at Adobe Grab a coffee and have a chat with Product Managers in Experience League Communities.
Scroll down to read about what we’ll cover. Don’t forget to register before it’s too late!
Adobe Developers Live On-demand video events available on Experience League.

Experience League LIVE

Event Date Time Event Name Format Description
February 3, 2022 On demand Introducing all new Reference Demos in AEM Live Video Event Learn the fastest way to provision, demo, and explore features of AEM as a Cloud Service.

Community Q&A Coffee Breaks

Event Name Date Applications Format Description
Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break February 23, 2022 @ 8am PST Adobe Target, Experience Platform, RTCDP Forum Q&A Register now! Join us in the Adobe Target Community from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. PT for expert answers from Vishal Chordia, Senior Product Manager. He will answer all your Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), Audience-based Personalization, Real-time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) integration with Target, and General Adobe Target -related questions

Adobe Developer’s Live

Event Date & Time Type Description
Adobe Developers Live On Demand Video Developers Live showcases the latest tech advances and developer tools powering design, content creation workflows, document services, and customer experience management across industries. View the keynote address, learn about Analytics APIs, client data layer, Adobe I/O open-source projects, and much more.

Icon Adobe System Status

Adobe System Status provides detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Check it out at

Release date: November 16, 2021

What’s new

  • Adobe Status is now reporting incidents at a Product level. Status Cloud and Product pages have a new look and enhanced filters based on product level reporting of incidents. This makes it easier for you to understand how your product is impacted on and in your email notifications. If you are not subscribed, please use this link to set up your personalized subscription preferences

  • Status home page is now personalized with events filtered based on your entitlements and product subscriptions. Please check it out at > My Events tab.

New features and enhancements available today

Feature Description
Product-level reporting of incidents
  • Each product has a banner on Status that includes latest updates, history, and impact attributes of the product
  • Emails now follow the same format of product-level impact reporting instead of incident-level reporting
Personalized view of the Status home page
  • Introducing a new view, My Events on the Overview page. This view filters events based on your entitlements and subscriptions
  • Entitlements can be for organizations or individuals. Subscriptions can be for products or events
Enhanced user experience
  • Cloud pages have a summary of availability of all products, and an ability to filter by product, region, dates, and event types
  • Product pages have summary of availability of all capabilities and a detailed view of events and history
  • Enhanced filters are available by capability, data centers/environments (where applicable), region, date, event type, and incident/maintenance status
Enhanced subscriptions with product offerings update
  • Adobe Analytics offerings are updated to a customer-friendly view (existing Analytics subscriptions are migrated over to new offerings)
  • Granular offerings for Customer Journey Analytics

Icon Experience Cloud Central UI Components & Administration

Feature Description
Recents (shortcuts) added to Experience Cloud landing You can access shortcuts to your most recent Journey Optimizer and Experience Platform activity under the new Recents heading. This update also includes general layout and responsiveness improvements on the landing page.
Sandboxes moved to the header bar The Sandboxes indicator is now integrated within the header for all Experience Platform interface applications. See Sandboxes in Experience Platform for more information.

More help resources on Experience Cloud Central UI Components & Administration

Icon Adobe Experience Platform

Latest release information and new documentation for Experience Platform and Mobile SDK:

Release date: January 26, 2022

New Experience Platform tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Experience Platform.

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Web SDK Multipage tutorial Learn how to implement Experience Cloud applications using Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK. This tutorial shows you how to implement the Platform Web SDK using a sample retail website called Luma. The Luma site has a rich data layer and functionality that lets you build a realistic implementation. Get started now!
February 2022 Next-hit personalization with Real-time CDP and Adobe Target Video Learn how to personalize on the next hit with Real-time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Target. The Adobe Target destination in Real-time CDP allows you to use Experience Platform segments in Adobe Target for same-page and next-page personalization with governance and privacy support.

Adobe Mobile SDK

See Release notes and change logs for the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Icon Adobe Analytics

Release date: February 16, 2022

Customer Journey Analytics

Release date: February 16, 2022


Release version: 2.22.4

New Analytics tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Analytics.

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Manipulating incoming data with Processing Rules Video Get an overview of Processing Rules in Adobe Analytics and learn what they are used for. Learn a few tips, examples, and even a warning.
February 2022 Configuring List Variables Video When you must put more than one value into an eVar (a conversion variable) at one time, what are you going to do? List variables to the rescue! Learn how and why you configure and use list variables in Adobe Analytics.
February 2022 Configure traffic classifications Video Learn how to configure classifications for traffic variables, often called props, and also for pagename, and so on.
February 2022 Configure conversion classifications Video Learn about configuring classifications for conversion variables, also known as eVars. This configuration also applies to products and list variables.

Icon Audience Manager

Fixes and improvements in Audience Manager.

  • Resolved an issue causing all API calls to return an Undocumented error when being performed through the Swagger interface. (AAM-59190)
  • Resolved an issue causing incorrect user roles to be assigned to partners in some situations. (AAM-59451)
  • Resolved an issue causing the API to require case-sensitive authentication headers. (AAM-58528)

For self-help resources, see Audience Manager documentation and tutorials on Experience League

Icon Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe recommends visiting the Experience Manager release updates and roadmaps page to stay current on release information.

Experience Manager product releases

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

    Watch the January 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.1.0 (January 2022) release.

    • December 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • October 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • September 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

      New features in Experience Manager Assets

      • Dynamic Media - You can now use Experience Manager - Dynamic Media interface to configure General Settings and Publish Setup instead of having to go through the Dynamic Media Classic desktop application.
      • Dynamic Media now supports ingestion, preview, playback, and publish for MXF videos. Annotation and shoppable video for MXF videos is not yet supported.
      • After configuring a connection between remote DAM and Sites deployments, the assets on remote DAM are made available on the Sites deployment. You can now perform the update, delete, rename, and move operations on remote DAM assets or folders. The updates, with some delay, are available automatically on the Sites deployment.

      New features in Experience Manager Assets prerelease channel

      • Dynamic Media now provides the flexibility to let you configure one company alias account in the user interface, so that out-of-the-box Dynamic Media URLs and Viewer Embed code are updated. This action positively impacts SEO, to reflect updates made to your business context, such as rebranding.

      • You can now use the Experience Manager Assets user interface to:

        • Configure the detection of duplicate assets in a repository.
        • Configure adding digital watermarks to images.
      • Administrators can now configure email service for large downloads. It allows the users to enable email notifications for large downloads from the Experience Manager Assets interface. The user receives an email notification containing the download link of the archived zip folder upon completion of the download process.

      • The Manage Publication feature is enhanced with an improved user interface. Users can publish or unpublish content to and from the selected destination, and Add Content to the publishing list from across the DAM repository. They can also Include Folder Settings to publish content of the selected folders and apply filters, and schedule publishing to a later date or time.

      Bug Fix

      • Unprocessed assets with no original rendition are sent to Asset Compute for processing while migrating assets from Experience Manager On-premise to Cloud Services.
    • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

      New in Forms

      • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service - CommunicationsCommunication APIs help you combine a template and XML data to generate print documents in various formats. The service lets you generate documents in synchronous and batch modes. The APIs help you create applications that let you do the following:

        • Generate documents by populating template files with XML data.
        • Generate forms in various formats, including non-interactive PDF print streams.
        • Generate print PDFs from XFA form PDFs.
        • Generate PDF, PostScript, PCL, and ZPL documents in bulk by merging multiple sets of data with source templates.
      • Custom fonts for Document of Record and PDF documents created with Communications APIs — You can now use brand approved fonts in PDF documents generated using Communications APIs to align with your organizational requirements.

      New in Forms prerelease channel

      • Assembler API — Assembler APIs to combine, rearrange, augment, and obtain information about PDF documents.
    • Cloud Manager

      Release date

      The release date for Cloud Manager in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2022.01.0 is 20 January 2022.
      The next release is planned for 10 February 2022.

      New features

      • Cloud Manager avoids rebuilding the code base when it detects that the same git commit is used in multiple full-stack pipeline executions.
      • Accessing the Experience Manager environment log now requires the Deployment Manager product profile. Users without this profile see a disabled button in the user interface.
      • The user interface does not allow front-end pipeline configuration for a program where Sites is not enabled as a solution.
      • Upon generating a git password, the expiration date is displayed.


New Experience Manager courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, and courses published over the past month.

Published Name Type Description Application
February 2022 Create Service Credentials Video Learn how to create service credentials to ensure secure authentication for your integrations with AEM as a Cloud Service. AEM Forms CS
February 2022 Create a JSON Web Token (JWT) Article Learn about JSON Web Tokens, an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. libraries are used in this sample to generate the JWT. AEM Forms CS
February 2022 Exchange JWT for Access Token Article The JWT created in the Create a JSON Web Token (JWT) step is exchanged with Adobe IMS APIs for an Access Token, which can then be used to access AEM as a Cloud Service. Learn about requesting an Access Token to send a POST request containing the JWT, client_id, client_secret to the IMS authentication service. AEM Forms CS
February 2022 Embedding fonts in generated pdf Article Learn how to install IntelliJ community edition. AEM Forms CS
February 2022 Make the POST call Video Learn how to make an HTTP POST call to the endpoint with the necessary parameters. The template and the datafiles are provided as resource files. Forms CS
February 2022 Migrating from old AEM archetype Video Desc. Forms CS
February 2022 Externalize storage of workflow data in AEM Forms CS Video Learn how to store your workflow data in Azure storage. AEM Forms CS has new capability to store your workflow data, such as variables, attachments, and so on, in an external storage account. AEM Forms CS
February 2022 Integrate Adobe Analytics with Experience Cloud Setup Automation Video Learn how Experience Cloud Setup Automation provides a simple and automated way to integrate and instrument Experience Manager Sites with Experience Platform Launch and Adobe Analytics. AEM Sites
February 2022 Product Recommendations Video Learn how to dynamically insert these product recommendations in an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) storefront. Adobe Commerce features a recommendation engine powered by Adobe Sensei. AEM and Adobe Commerce

Experience Manager release information

All Experience Manager release notes are maintained at the following pages:

Other Help resources for Experience Manager

Icon Experience Manager Guides

Experience Manager Guides is an application deployed onto AEM. It is a powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS) which enables native DITA support in Adobe Experience Manager, empowering AEM to handle DITA-based content creation and delivery.

Learn more about XML Documentation for AEM.

New tutorials for Experience Manager Guides

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Experience Manager Guides.

Published Name Type Description
January 2022 XML Documentation Releases Video Learn about Experience Manager Guides, a powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS). It enables native DITA support in Adobe Experience Manager, empowering AEM to handle DITA-based content creation and delivery.
January 2022 Output Generation with XML Documentation for AEM Videos and articles Learn about the Map Dashboard, reports, publishing with baselines and conditions, and more.

Additional resources

Icon Adobe Commerce

See the following links for Adobe Commerce release notes:

New Adobe Commerce tutorials

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Upgrade Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source User guide Get all the help you need to proceed through the upgrade process.
February 2022 Adobe Commerce 2.4 Upgrade Workshop Video Learn the steps and best practices to follow when preparing for your next upgrade to 2.4.4 or higher.
February 2022 Using the Upgrade Compatibility Tool on PhpStorm Video Learn how to use the PhpStorm plugin

Icon Adobe Target

Last Updated: February 1, 2022

Icon Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.

Latest Campaign product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes released:

New Campaign tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Campaign.

Published Name Type Description Version
February 2022 Fundamentals of data management with Adobe Campaign workflows Video Learn what targeting dimensions and working tables are, and how Adobe Campaign manages data across different data sources. Campaign v8
February 2022 Change the data source Video Learn how to change the data source of a workflow working table using the Change Data Source Activity to flexibly manage data across different data sources such as FDA, FFDA, and local database. Campaign v8

Campaign help resources

Icon Adobe Journey Optimizer

With Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application — and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Latest Journey Optimizer product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Optimizer Release Notes.

More resources for Journey Optimizer

Icon Adobe Journey Orchestration

Use Experience Platform to orchestrate a customer’s journey at scale across experience channels, by intelligently anticipating every individual’s needs in real time.

Latest Journey Orchestration product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Orchestration release notes.

More resources for Journey Orchestration

Icon Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a complete application for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

Core Marketo Engage updates

See Marketo Engage release schedule for the latest release schedule information and release notes.

Icon Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their best work.

See the Workfront releases page for a round-up of the latest information for all products.

Icon Adobe Advertising Cloud

Release notes for Adobe Advertising Cloud.

New features across Advertising Cloud

Last updated: October 27, 2021

Feature Description
Analytics for Advertising Cloud If your organization wants to switch from using the legacy Adobe Analytics visitorAPI.js library to the Adobe Experience Platform library (alloy.js) for data collection, you must make changes to enable ID stitching. See Using the Last Event Service JavaScript Library with Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK.

New features in Advertising Cloud DSP

Last updated: October 27, 2021

Feature Description
Custom Reports You can now create and manage Amazon S3 and different types of FTP delivery locations, called report destinations, for your custom reports. Once you configure report destinations, you can set up each of your new custom reports to be delivered to one or more locations of a single destination type, or to email recipients. Updates to your Amazon S3 and FTP credentials won’t interrupt report delivery.

Your existing reports are still sent to the specified email recipients. To configure delivery to a different report destination, create a report with the new destination.
Packages, Placements, and Ads views When you view data for a single day, the trend charts now include hourly data. Hold the cursor over any point to see the data for that hour.
Placements The placement Inspector now includes an Inventory tab, which shows all deals and their associated metrics for the placement. Use the information to make quick adjustments or troubleshoot issues without generating a custom report.
Ads (Users with permission to include Clearcastclock numbers in their ads) DSP no longer shows an error if you use a clock number that’s attached to another ad. Note: The best practice is to use a unique clock number for each video ad. Otherwise, the publisher does not approve all the ads.
Deal IDs The Deal ID settings and other places in the user interface reflect new branding for Magnite SSP:
  • The SSP Tremor (Telaria) is now Magnite CTV.
  • In the coming weeks, Rubicon will change to Magnite DV+, where DV+ stands for display, video, and other formats such as audio.
Freewheel programmatically guaranteed deals You can now find the status of ads for Freewheel programmatically guaranteed deals from the Ads view. Previously, you could check the status only from the Deals view.

Last updated: October 7, 2021

Feature Description
Reports, Notification Center (October 9 release) All email notifications for reports, which Advertising Cloud Search sends when a custom or scheduled report has completed or failed, are now handled by Notification Center. Email notifications and web notifications are enabled by default for reports, but you can optionally change the notification settings. With this change:
  • Email recipients are restricted to users who are registered, authenticated users of Advertising Cloud Search and have access to the advertiser account. This feature ensures that no confidential data is sent to unauthorized users.
  • The format and contents of the email uses the Notification Center template, which includes more details of the report and includes direct download links for all report formats.
  • Report notifications are a new notification type, with its own notification preferences, in Notification Center.
If you use any automation to pull reports from email notifications, you may need to update the filtering logic to ensure process continuity.
Advertising Insights Additional insights are available in beta mode.

New Advertising Cloud tutorials

Published Name Type Description
January 2022 Advertising Cloud Tutorials Videos Five new video tutorials about Advertising Cloud DSP are available.

Icon Adobe Document Cloud

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Document Cloud.

New Document Cloud courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Document Cloud.

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Work with form fields Video Learn how to add various types of form fields, set form field properties, and add security to create high-quality professional forms.
February 2022 Optimize PDFs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Video Learn how to optimize a PDF for improved discoverability and search engine ranking on the web.

For Document Cloud help, see:

Icon Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

See Creative Cloud for enterprise tutorials for the latest tutorials.

Digital Experience Blueprints - tutorials

Digital Experience Blueprints are repeatable implementations that let you address strategy and quickly solve established business problems. Each Blueprint provides a series of artifacts that explain the high-value business problem, architectures, implementation steps, technical considerations, and links to the relevant documentation.

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Customer Journeys Video Customer Journeys addresses the ability for brands to proactively engage and communicate with their customers through channels such as email, SMS, and mobile alerts.
February 2022 Campaign v7 Blueprint Video Adobe Campaign v7 is a campaigning tool built for traditional marketing channels such as email and direct mail. It provides robust ETL and data management capabilities to help craft and curate the perfect campaign.

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