Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - July 2021


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Latest update: August 11, 2021

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Icon Experience Cloud Central UI Components

Experience Cloud Central Interface Components includes updates accessed from the unified product header, such as self-help, search, and user account preferences. Updates to People, Places (Location), and product management are found here.

Feature Date Description
Experience Cloud Global Search July 5, 2021 With this release, Experience Cloud global search adds Journey Orchestration to the search for business objects in Experience Cloud, such as segments, data sets, schemas, and more.

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Icon Adobe System Status

Adobe System Status provides detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe cloud products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Check it out at

You can find the latest release information for Adobe System Status in the May 21, 2020 release notes.

Icon Experience Platform

Includes release update information and new documentation for Experience Platform and Platform tagging.

Experience Platform tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Experience Platform and services.

Published Name Type Description
July 2021 Model Your Customer Experience Data with XDM Course Learn how to build your data model in Adobe Experience Platform. This course teaches you about the Experience Data Model (XDM) and how to convert your existing data model to XDM. Learn how to build schemas using standard classes and field groups and build your own custom components.
July 2021 Getting Started with Query Service for Data Engineers Course Learn how to validate ingested data, gain insights from data stored in the data lake, and how to prepare the data for making business-critical decisions using Query Service.
July 2021 Create Dashboards Using Query Service Course Learn how to validate ingested data, gain insights from data stored in the data lake, and create dashboards using Query Service in Adobe Experience Platform.
July 2021 Getting Started with Real-time CDP for Marketers Course In this course, you can learn everything you need to get started using Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP) as a business practitioner.
July 2021 Getting Started with Data Science Workspace for Data Scientists Course Learn about Data Science Workspace in Adobe Experience Platform. This course is designed for data scientists who want to learn how to use JupyterLab Notebooks to derive insights and query data, create profile-enabled datasets, publish automated machine learning models, and activate machine-learned insights to both Adobe and non-Adobe applications.
July 2021 Getting Started with Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance Course Learn how to take control of your data from the point it’s collected at data sources to when it’s syndicated to destinations outside Adobe Experience Platform.

Icon Journey Optimizer

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application — and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Latest Journey Optimizer product releases

  • July 2021: Journey Optimizer is now available. Read more.

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Documentation - Latest updates - How-to videos

Icon Journey Orchestration

Use Experience Platform to orchestrate a customer’s journey at scale across experience channels, by intelligently anticipating every individual’s needs in real time.

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Orchestration Release Notes.

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Documentation - Release Notes - How-to videos

Icon Offer Decisioning

Offer Decisioning is an Application Service integrated with Adobe Experience Platform. Use Offer Decisioning to deliver the best offer and experience to your customers across all touch points at the right time.

  • June 2021 Release: AI ranking allows you to create different ranking strategies (based on your business goals) that will be used by a trained model system to rank the eligible offers to display for a given profile.

See Offer Decisioning release notes to stay up to date.

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Documentation - Release Notes - How-to videos

Icon Adobe Analytics

Release date: July 22, 2021

Event notice for Experience League Live - Analytics Implementation

Join us to hear concrete tips every Adobe Analytics implementation team should know—and have your questions answered by Eric Matisoff in the chat pod. This is a live event, so there’s no need to register ahead of time, but make sure to put it on your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Event: Adobe Analytics Implementation - Tips and Tricks

When: July 29, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. PDT

Adobe Presenters

  • Eric Matisoff, Principal Evangelist for Analytics & Data Science, Adobe
  • Dasha Fitzpatrick, Adobe Principal Technical Consultant
  • Doug Moore, Adobe Technical Marketing Engineer

New features in Adobe Analytics

Feature Description General Availability - Target Date
New Adobe Analytics landing page (Open Beta) The new landing page for Adobe Analytics brings together both Analysis Workspace and Reports & Analytics in a single interface and access point under the Workspace umbrella. It features a new project manager home page, an updated reports menu, and modernized reports, as well as a new learning section to help you with getting started more effectively. The new page improves discoverability and guides Reports & Analytics users to an improved reporting experience in Workspace. Learn more July 26, 2021

New features in Customer Journey Analytics

Feature Description General Availability - Target Date
New Connections Info experience This Connections UI enhancement lets you know whether and when your data is ready to be used in reporting. It also lets you track any issues with processing data. Learn more August 19, 2021

Fixes in Adobe Analytics

  • Fixed an issue with alerts not being sent and errors displaying when creating alerts. (AN-263962)
  • Fixed an issue with virtual report suites in Analysis Workspace: Data outside of the date range specified was extracted. (AN-263121)
  • Fixed an issue with Workspace projects not opening (timing out.) (AN-247248)
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to load report suite usage data under Server Call Usage. (AN-264215)

Additional fixes in Adobe Analytics or CJA

AN-160022; AN-186365; AN-234768 (CJA); AN-253041; AN-255098; AN-256319; AN-256566; AN-256903; AN-257111; AN-259614; AN-259960; AN-260422; AN-260926; AN-260962; AN-261310; AN-261442; AN-261483 (CJA); AN-261589; AN-261949; AN-262025; AN-262295; AN-262330; AN-262348; AN-262356; AN-262461; AN-262462; AN-262465; AN-262888; AN-262944; AN-262952; AN-262974; AN-263027; AN-263105; AN-263175; AN-263183; AN-263244; AN-263888; AN-263930; AN-263953

Important notices for Analytics administrators

Notice Date Added or Updated Description
EOL of Adobe Data Connectors August 3, 2021 Adobe Data Connectors are powered by legacy technology that is no longer viable or supported. A new standard is available in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program. You can use that standard for any integration to continue to be offered and supported. The official end-of-life date is August 19, 2021. Learn more…
End-of-life for three Analytics API services July 15, 2021 On August 18, 2021, the following Analytics Legacy API services will reach their end-of-life date and will be shut down. Any current integrations built using these services will stop working on that day.
  • 1.3 Analytics APIs
  • 1.4 SOAP Analytics APIs
  • Legacy OAuth Authentication (OAuth and JWT)
Adobe has provided a Legacy API EOL FAQ to help answer your questions and provide guidance on how to proceed. API integrations that employ these services can migrate to the 1.4 Analytics REST APIs or the 2.0 Analytics APIs. Legacy OAuth accounts can migrate to an Adobe I/O Analytics integration account, which can be used to access both the 1.4 Analytics APIs and 2.0 Analytics APIs.
EOL of Full Processing Data Sources April 12, 2021 Adobe plans to deprecate full processing data sources on July 31, 2021. As of March 25, 2021, new imports of this type can no longer be created. Please use Bulk Data Insertion API to import this type of data.
Sign in update to Report Builder April 9, 2021 On January 14, 2021, the Report Builder sign-in updates removed dependencies on legacy technologies and aligned the sign-in process with Experience Cloud. Experience Cloud uses your Enterprise ID (email and password). To ensure uninterrupted access to Report Builder, update the Report Builder add-in to version 5.6.47 or later by July 22, 2021. Report Builder version 5.6.47 and later supports only the Experience Cloud sign-in and will not support single sign-on.


For the latest updates on AppMeasurement releases, please refer to AppMeasurement for JavaScript release notes.

New Analytics courses and tutorials

New courses, tutorials, and articles in Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics.

Published Name Type Description
July 2021 Using the Donut visualization in your project Video Learn how to add and configure the Donut visualization in your Analysis Workspace project.
July 2021 Bar and Bar Stacked Visualizations Video In this video, we discuss adding and configuring the Bar, Bar stacked, Horizontal Bar, and Horizontal bar stacked visualizations in your project in Analysis Workspace. Although considered basic, these visualizations can help tell your data stories and provide insights for your analysts.
July 2021 Area and Area Stacked Video Learn how to add Area and Area Stacked visualizations to your project in Analysis Workspace, and learn a few tips to help customize the visualizations for your needs.

Analytics help resources

Icon Audience Manager

Fixes and improvements in Audience Manager.

Fixes and Improvements

  • When deleting an IMS user account from Admin Console, the user account was not removed from Audience Manager, if it was part of a user group. IMS user accounts are now automatically unmapped from Audience Manager user groups upon deletion from Admin Console. (AAM-57633)

Icon Experience Manager

Adobe recommends frequently visiting Experience Manager release updates and roadmaps to stay current on release information.

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

    New features in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service:

    • Experience Manager Guides as a Cloud Service

      • Cloud-native component content management system - Experience Manager Guides is available as a Cloud Service. Get the environment that lets you author, manage, and deliver documentation and content at scale.
      • AI-powered documentation - Smart tagging capability for automatically identifying and extracting relevant metadata keywords from the text for metadata labelling.
      • New look and feel for web editor - New look and feel with UI changes making it more intuitive. Underlying architecture has been changed from coral to react based spectrum.

      Visit Experience Manager Guides for more information.

    • Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service

      • Preview Service is deployed on a rolling basis to all Programs. Customers are notified in-product when their Program is enabled for Preview Service. See Accessing Preview Service.
      • Maven Dependencies downloaded during the build step are now be cached between pipeline runs. This feature will be enabled for customers in the next several weeks.
      • You can now edit the name of the program through the Edit Program dialog.
      • The default branch name used during both project creation and in the default Push command by way of manage git workflows has been changed to main.
      • Edit program experience in the interface has been refreshed.
      • The quality rule ImmutableMutableMixCheck has been updated to classify /oak:index nodes as being immutable.
      • The quality rules CQBP-84andCQBP-84--dependencies have been consolidated into a single rule. As part of this consolidation, the scanning of dependencies more accurately identifies issues in third-party dependencies which are being deployed to the Experience Manager runtime.
      • To avoid confusion, the Publish Experience Manager and Publish Dispatcher segment rows on the Environment Details page have been consolidated.
      • A new code quality rule has been added to validate the structure of damAssetLuceneindexes. See Custom DAM Asset Lucene Oak Indexes.
      • Environment details page now displays multiple domain names for Publish and Preview services, as applicable. See Environment Details.
    • Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

      New features in Assets:

      • Content Automation functionality lets Experience Manager Assets use the Adobe Creative Cloud APIs to automate asset production at scale. It improves content velocity by dramatically decreasing the time taken and iterations required to create variations of the same asset. The functionality does not require any programming and works from within the DAM. See Generate variations of assets using Adobe Creative Cloud integration.
      • Adobe Asset Link 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign and Adobe Adobe Asset Link 2.0 for Adobe XD is available. It supports Assets Essentials and the ability to automatically connect to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service or Assets Essentials.
      • The Asset bulk ingestor tool lets you add metadata during a bulk ingestion.

      New features in the Assets prerelease channel:

      • The view settings are enhanced to let you choose a default view and a default sorting parameter.
      • The Link Share download functionality uses asynchronous downloads that boost the download speed. See Download assets shared using link sharing.
      • You can search and filter the folders based on property predicates.
      • Experience Manager Assets embeds the PDF Viewer to preview the supported document formats. It is powered by Adobe Document Cloud. This feature lets you preview PDF and other multi-page files without any complex processing. It improves the feature parity with Experience Manager 6.5. The controls available in the preview are to zoom, to navigate to pages, to un-dock controls, and to view in full screen. The integrated PDF viewer supports AI, DOCX, INDD, PDF, and PSD file formats. You can comment on the asset itself but commenting and annotations within the PDF file are not supported.
      • A user experience enhancement displays the number of assets present in a folder. For more than 1000 assets in a folder, Assets displays 1000+.
      • You can directly apply a metadata schema to a folder in its Properties.
    • Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service

      New features:

      • Publish to Preview Tier now shown as page status in Sites Admin UI.
      • Publish to Preview Tier now surfacing preview URL at the end of the action and persisting the URL in page properties for later reference.
    • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

      New features:

      • Metadata schemas can be applied directly to the folder properties.
      • The Asset Bulk Ingestor tool lets you add metadata during a bulk ingestion.
      • A user experience enhancement displays the number of assets present in a folder. For more than 1000 assets in a folder, Experience Manager Assets displays 1000+.

      Beta feature of Forms:

      • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service - Communications - Communication APIs helps you combine XDP templates and XML data to generate print documents in various formats. The service lets you generate documents in synchronous mode. The APIs enables you to create applications that let you:
        • Generate documents by populating template files with XML data.
        • Generate output forms in various formats, including non-interactive PDF print streams.
        • Generate print PDFs from an XFA form PDF and Adobe Acrobat Form (AcroForm).

      You can write to to sign up for the beta program.

    • Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service

      • Bulk Device Registration Management means that provisioning massive amounts of player devices is faster and more efficient.
      • Improved search and filter options for each of the Device, Display, and Channel inventory views.
      • Device heath snapshot saves time by providing critical status as a glance.
      • Object details page offers a summary of the most relevant information for each object in your project.

New Experience Manager courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, and courses published over the past month.

Published Name Type Description
July 2021 Experience Manager Guides Article Learn how the XML Documentation Solution offers all the core CCMS functions, such as collaboration, review, translation, search, and reports for DITA content. These features enable authors to do more in less time through efficient content reuse and powerful workflows.
July 2021 AEM Headless GraphQL Postman Collections Video Learn how to define and use Content Fragments in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for use with GraphQL.

Release notes and other release information links for Experience Manager are here:

Other help resources for Experience Manager

Icon Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.

Latest product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes released:

New Campaign courses and tutorials

Published Name Solution Description
July 2021 Refining targets by combining query results Campaign v8 Learn how to refine your target by combining query results in a workflow using the intersection or the union activities.
July 2021 Create a marketing plan, programs, and campaigns Campaign v8 Learn how to create a marketing plan, program, and campaign, set properties for a campaign, and understand how to use the schedule.
July 2021 Configure and manage subscription services Campaign v8 Learn how to setup and manage subscriptions and target subscribers.

Campaign help resources

Icon Advertising Cloud

Release notes for Adobe Advertising Cloud.

New features in Advertising Cloud DSP

Last updated: June 10, 2021 for June 16 release

Feature Description
Campaign Management (June 16 release) Forecasting is available for standard display placements with placement-level pacing and budgets.

Last updated: August 11 for July 24 release

Feature Description
Tools If your advertiser account is configured to use hybrid optimization, then Advertising Cloud Search can optionally upload the objectives for the account’s portfolios to Google Ads as conversions so you can use them for hybrid optimization. You can enable the feature from Search > ToolsConversion Upload Setup.

Icon Commerce (Magento)

See the following links for Adobe Commerce release notes:

Icon Target

See Target release notes for the latest release information.

Icon Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a complete application for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

Core Marketo Engage updates

See Marketo Engage release schedule for the latest release schedule information and release notes.

Icon Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their best work.

See the Workfront releases page for a round-up of the latest information for all products.

Icon Document Cloud

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Document Cloud.

Document Cloud courses and tutorials

Published Name Type Description
July 2021 Liquid Mode in Adobe Sign Video Learn how Liquid Mode improves the mobile signing experience. It reduces pinching and zooming to easily focus on fillable fields.
July 2021 Getting Started with Adobe Sign API Article Learn how developers can use Sign API to enhance applications and workflows created with Adobe Document Services.
July 2021 Digital Document Publishing with Adobe PDF Embed API Article By embedding a PDF viewer in your web pages, you can enable users to view documents without redesigning your HTML and CSS or obstructing access to your website.
July 2021 Student-Teacher Collaboration with Adobe Document Services APIs Article Learn about an official SDK for Node.js applications to access PDF Services API. This enables you to convert documents like Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel to PDF.
July 2021 Job Posting with Adobe Document Services APIs Article When operating a website with multiple users, it’s crucial to design an experience that ensures a smooth experience for everyone. Learn how to automatically convert all uploaded documents to PDFs and embed them in-line in the posting.
July 2021 Report creation and editing with Adobe Document Services APIs Article PDFs make it easy to share rich documents, with tables, graphics, and interactive content, in a format everyone can view. Learn how to share these statistics with their executives, shareholders, donors, or other stakeholders.
July 2021 Reviews and Approvals with Adobe Document Services APIs Article Learn how to solve a hands-on review and approval use case using several Adobe Document Services APIs.
July 2021 Searching and Indexing with Adobe Document Services APIs Article This tutorial explores Adobe Document Services APIs’ fantastic features and how they can be easily used to archive and digitize documents. We explore these features by building an Express NodeJS application, then integrating Document Services APIs for archiving, digitization, and document transformation.
July 2021 Managing Employee Offer Letters with Adobe Document Services APIs Article This tutorial walks through setting up a Node Express project that will display a web form for a user to populate with employee details. These details use Document Services over the web to generate an offer letter as a PDF that can later be delivered to a customer for their signature using Adobe Sign API.
July 2021 Managing Legal Contracts with Adobe Document Services APIs Article In this tutorial, we explore the features of Adobe Document Services APIs in the generation of custom input fields in documents. We also explore how you can easily convert these generated documents to a protected portable document format (PDF) to prevent data manipulation.
July 2021 Creating an NDA with Adobe Document Services APIs Article Learn how to create a Microsoft® Word template for your company NDA. Adobe’s free add-in for Microsoft® Word, Adobe Document Generation Tagger, helps you insert “tags” to input the dynamic values. You also learn how to pass the JSON data to the template and create a dynamic PDF. You can then email that PDF or show it to your collaborators in their browser, depending on your business requirements and goals.
July 2021 Managing Sales Proposals and Contracts with Adobe Document Services APIs Article Lean how to use dynamic data and workflows to build an efficient process for creating sales proposals.
July 2021 Handling invoices with Adobe Document Generation API Article Learn how to use Adobe Document Generation API to automatically generate invoices, password-protect the PDFs, and deliver an invoice to each customer. All it takes is a little knowledge of Node.js, JavaScript, Express.js, HTML, and CSS.

For Document Cloud help, see:

Icon Creative Cloud for enterprise

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Creative Cloud for enterprise.

Published Name Type Description
June 2021 Try your hand at Fresco on the iPad (and iPhone) Video Explore a whole new world of digital drawing and painting with Adobe Fresco in this 15-minute hands-on workshop. Quickly learn to work with layers and clipping masks to conform paint and textures to a base shape.
June 2021 Decoding the Alphabet Soup of Graphic Formats Video PG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and EPS files are all commonly used in design, some for web pages, others for presentations, publications, and creative projects. But… what do they mean, and which should you pick? Find out in this 15-minute hands-on workshop.

See Creative Cloud for Enterprise Tutorials for the latest tutorials.

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