Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - July 2019

New features and fixes in the Adobe Experience Cloud.


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Release date: July 18, 2019

Core services and administration

Release notes for the Experience Cloud interface, including Platform core services and product administration.

Experience Cloud ID Service

Fixes and updates

  • cookieDomain config update: The library will automatically assign a top-level cookie domain when cookieDomain in initConfig is not set. (CORE-29223)
  • Fixed an issue for getVisitorValue in localVisitor. (CORE-31287)
  • Fixed an inconsistency of MCOPTOUT value in parent visitor versus iframe child visitor from getVisitorValue method. (CORE-29719)
  • Fixed a vulnerability issue in jQuery 3.2.1. (CORE-31183)
  • Opt-in update: added to unsubscribe from events.
  • Fixed an issue related to setTimeout function. (CORE-30623)

See Experience Cloud ID Service for cumulative release notes.

Mobile Services and Mobile SDK

iOS and Android were updated as follows:


  • Adobe Target: All requests now include the client and the sessionId in the URL query parameters.
  • Adobe Target: Fixed a memory leak.
  • Visitor ID Service: The visitorAppendToURL and visitorGetUrlVariablesAsync APIs no longer double-encode their return values. The double-encoding was causing the return values from those APIs to be flagged by certain security reviews.


  • Target: All requests now include the client and the sessionId in the URL query parameters.
  • In-app Messaging: Fixed an issue where, when a message was trigged with an empty clickthrough URL, Android apps crashed.
  • Visitor ID Service: The Visitor.appendToURL and Visitor.getUrlVariablesAsync APIs no longer double-encode their return values. The double-encoding was causing the return values from those APIs to be flagged by certain security reviews.

For product documentation, see Mobile Services.

For more information about the Mobile SDKs, see: Android SDK 4.x for Experience Solutions and iOS SDK 4.x for Experience Cloud Solutions.

Experience Platform Launch

See Experience Platform Launch (links to product help) for release notes and product documentation.

Security bulletins and advisories

See Security bulletins and advisories for important information regarding security vulnerabilities that could affect specific versions of Adobe products.


New features in Analytics

For product documentation, see Analytics Help Home.

Component Description
Analysis Workspace – Cohort Analysis enhancements New Cohort Analysis settings have been added:
  • Only show percent
  • Round percent to nearest whole
  • Show an average percent row
Analysis Workspace In the left rail, users now have the option to Show items from last 18 months. Previously, the lookback period was a maximum of 6 months. This makes it easier to compare to pages or campaigns from last year, up to 18 months ago.
New Analysis Workspace template We added a new template called “Magento: Marketing & Commerce” to Analysis Workspace. It is designed specifically for Magento e-commerce customers, but any retailer can use it to get unique insights into their commerce activities.

Analysis Workspace fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused multi-byte characters to be shown upside down when breaking down dimensions. (AN-180112)
  • Fixed an issue with visualization errors – we now show a red error bar when a visualization error occurs.(AN-175542)
  • Fixed an issue where dimension names appeared as English in localized environments.(AN-178695)

Analytics fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the line graph in a real-time drill-down report to be blank. (AN-181690)
  • Fixed an issue where, in some circumstances, portions of the data feed history were not being displayed in the Admin Console UI. (AN-176219)

Important notices for Analytics administrators

Notice Date Added or Updated Description
Classification rule builder limits Added June 5, 2019 These limits are not new, but have been added to the documentation here.
New segment operator limits Added May 31, 2019 Starting on July 18, 2019, the segment operators “contains any of”, “does not contain any of”, “contains all of” and “does not contain all of” will be limited to 100 words per input field. The limit will be applied to all new and modified segments after this date. Existing segments that exceed the limit will continue to be supported, but cannot be modified or saved until the input field is reduced. These limits are being applied as part of a continued effort to improve query performance.
Upcoming support changes for Date-Enabled and Numeric 2 Classifications Updated May 28, 2019 The ability to import Numeric 2 and Date-Enabled classifications has been removed from the codebase. This change will take effect with the July 2019 Maintenance Release. If you have Numeric or Date-Enabled columns in your import file, those cells will be silently ignored, and any other data within that file will be imported as normal.
Existing classifications can still be exported through the standard classification workflow, and will continue to be available in reporting.
Change to Report Total calculations Updated July 9, 2019 On June 18, 2019, Adobe Analytics made Report Total calculations consistent across all dimensions and metrics. This will result in a change to the totals for some reports (typically, Prop or Customer Attributes reports). Prior to this change, some Report Totals inconsistently included or excluded the Unspecified line item in the total, regardless of whether Unspecified appeared in the report.
As of June 18, 2019, Unspecified will always appear in the report total, even if it does not appear as a line item in the report. Additionally, segments using exists or does not exist logic may see different results for some dimensions after this change, specifically dimensions where Unspecified has a special name such as the “Typed/Bookmarked” line item for Referrer Type dimension or the “Other” line item for the Device Type dimension. This change will affect Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Ad Hoc Analysis, Report Builder, and the Reporting API.
Note: This Report Total calculation is now called Grand Total. See “Analysis Workspace: Update to Freeform table totals” in the October 2019 release notes.
Update to CSV downloads from Analysis Workspace April 10, 2019 Starting on April 11, 2019, several changes were made to CSV downloads (and Copy to Clipboard) from Analysis Workspace to remove formatting from exported data.
  • The thousands separator is no longer included. The decimal separator will continue to be included, and will adhere to the format defined under Components > Report Settings > Thousands Separator. Note: Numeric values that use a comma as the decimal separator will continue to be quoted in the exported CSV.
  • No currency symbols will be shown.
  • No percent symbols will be shown. Percentages will be in decimal form. E.g., 75% will be represented as 0.75.
  • Time will be shown in seconds.
  • Cohort tables will show raw values only; percentages will be removed.
  • If a number is invalid, an empty cell will be displayed.
Upcoming change to the Analysis Workspace Debugger command April 4, 2019 The Console command to turn on the Analysis Workspace Debugger is changing to adobeTools.debug.includeOberonXml on June 13, 2019. will cease to function after that date.
Mobile browser version numbers February 7, 2019 Starting January 8, 2019, we changed the truncation level for mobile browser version numbers from 2 to 1. From that date forward, versions only display the first two levels (e.g. Firefox 64.0.2 is now reported as Firefox 64.0).
End of life for Ad Hoc Analysis January 29, 2019 On August 6, 2018, Adobe announced the intention to end-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis. An end-of-life date will be shared once available.
For more information, including which versions of Java will be compatible during this period, visit Discover Workspace.
Short Analytics report links January 14, 2019 Any short Analytics report links that have not been visited within one year will be cleaned up and deleted starting on Thursday, January 17, 2019, on a rolling schedule.
End of Support for TLS 1.0 Updated January 10, 2019 As of February 11, 2019 Adobe Analytics reporting no longer supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 encryption. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of customer data. If you are unable to connect to Adobe Analytics reporting after February 11, 2019, you should upgrade your browser to the latest version.
As of February 20, 2019 Adobe Analytics data collection no longer supports TLS 1.0. With this change, Adobe no longer collects Analytics data from end users with older devices or web browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 or later. We do not expect this to have a significant impact on customer data or reporting. (If your website already does not support TLS 1.0, you will not be affected.)
Beginning April 11, 2019, the Adobe Analytics Reporting API no longer supports TLS 1.0 encryption. Customers who access the API should verify that they will not be impacted.
  • API clients using Java 7 with default settings will need modifications to support TLS 1.2. (Refer to Changing default TLS protocol version for client end points: TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2.)
  • API clients using Java 8 should not be impacted, because the default setting is TLS 1.2.
  • API clients using other frameworks will need to contact their vendors for details on TLS 1.2 support.
Data Feed: post_product_list column - size change January 9, 2019 On February 7, 2019, Adobe expanded the size of the post_product_list column from 64 KB to 16 MB. This change ensures that merchandising eVar values added to post_product_list during processing do not cause truncation of product and revenue values. If you have processes that ingest post_product_list values, please ensure those processes can handle values up to 16 MB in length, or will truncate the value at 16 KB to avoid data ingestion failures.
Management changes affecting inactive Analytics Live Stream endpoints December 20, 2018 Starting on February 1, 2019, Live Stream endpoints with no active consumer connections for 90 days may be disabled. You can reach out to Customer Care to inquire about your Live Stream endpoints and, if necessary, have them re-enabled. In addition, please ensure your consumer processes maintain a persistent connection, as intended by the design of the service, and that they are implemented to reconnect when the connection is disconnected or interrupted.
Update Adobe Report Builder due to end of support for TLS 1.0 Sept. 7, 2018 Due to the end of support for TLS 1.0, we recommended that Report Builder users download version v5.6.21 prior to February 2019. After that date, prior versions of Report Builder will no longer function.


Released July 15, 2019:

AppMeasurement for JavaScript 2.15.0

  • Added Activity Map scroll reach tracking to the Activity Map extension (AN-172949)
  • Added DIL 9.2 to AppMeasurement. (AN-182472)

See AppMeasurement release history for a release history of AppMeasurement on the following platforms:

  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flash-Flex
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone, XBOX, Silverlight, and .NET
  • BlackBerry
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Symbian

Data Workbench

  • Updated the help definition for log (X, B) metric syntax documentation. (AN-180527)

See Data Workbench release notes for the latest information.

Audience Manager

Fixes and Enhancements

  • On the Segments Overview page, the width of the segment storage folder is now flexible. This allows you to distinguish between segments with longer names. (AAM-48400)
  • Fixed an issue in Algorithmic Models, where moving the Adjust Reach & Accuracy slider did not affect the model’s reach or accuracy. (AAM-47996)
  • Fixed an issue in Analytics destinations where the button to download a .csv file of segments that conflict with data export controls and/or third-party data sharing policies was broken. (AAM-48100)
  • Fixed an issue where customers were seeing random “Access denied” errors when logging into the Audience Manager user interface. (AAM-47632)

Experience Manager

New features, fixes, and updates in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Adobe recommends customers with on-premise deployments to deploy the latest patches to ensure higher stability, security, and performance.

Product releases

New feature information for the following products:

Cloud Manager 2019.6.0

The latest Cloud Manager release (2019.6.0) contains a new Product Update Wizard to help customers successfully run an AEM update.

XML Documentation 3.4

The XML Documentation 3.4 solution is now available.

Release notes

  • Support added for AEM 6.5.
  • Editor changes:
    • Map level preview.
    • Tables - provided an option to copy an entry or a complete row within a table using copy and paste.
    • Tables - provided an option to select multiple cells in a column and straddle or merge them.
    • Tables - provided a way to set table column properties in the Author mode of the web editor.
    • Tables - provided a way to adjust column proportions and size in a standard table.
    • Tables - Selecting rows and columns in Author view.
    • Tables - Enabled styles and properties (align, valign) in web editor for table cell alignment.
    • Bug fixes to the Full Tags View including scenarios for copy and paste and drag and drop of content.
    • Show topic titles in Editor tabs.
    • Resolved performance issues in the web editor.
  • Transfer baseline to the translated content during translation.
  • Transfer condition preset during translation workflow.
  • Added ability to apply labels to all dependents of a map from baseline.
  • Provided a button to download the map with all the dependents as a zip.
  • XHTML to DITA conversion improvements to the following:
    • The name of the generated DITAMAP is now identical to the name of the uploaded zip file.
    • Added support for additional HTML elements and attributes.
    • Support for concurrent html-zip file ingestion.
    • The sub-folder hierarchy where the zip is uploaded (under input path as configured in h2d_io.xml), is retained for the generated output (under the configured output path).
  • Provided audit logs to see who reverted to what version and why.
  • AEM Site regeneration:
    • Disable regeneration for sub-maps.
    • Post generation workflows enabled for regeneration use cases.
    • Disable the regenerate option for a chunked topic and make the option available for parent topic where chunked attribute is applied.
  • DITA search now works on AND logic in AEM Asset search.
  • Results to not bring up the temporary files stored in the translation output folder.
  • Baseline tab:
    • Performance improvements when opening a baseline.
    • Choosing topics by date to work on the client timestamp.
  • API for deleting labels.

Product maintenance

AEM 6.2 SP1-CFP20

AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1–Cumulative Fix Pack 20 (, released June 6, 2019, is an important update that includes key customer fixes released since the general availability of AEM 6.2 SP1 December, 2016.


AEM, released July 3, 2019, is an important update that includes key customer fixes released since the general availability of AEM 6.3 April, 2017.


AEM, released July 3, 2019, is an important update that includes key customer fixes released since the general availability of AEM 6.4 in April, 2018.


AEM, released July 3, 2019, is an important update that includes key customer fixes released since the general availability of AEM 6.5 in April, 2019.


AEM cache invalidation update

An important AEM patch for the AEM 6.5 clientlibs cache invalidation is available by way of the AEM update or this KB article.

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