Primetime Release Notes

Welcome to the Adobe Primetime Release Notes. The documents listed in the left navigation provide release-specific information, system requirements, limitations, fixed issues, and known issues.

Enhancements and fixes in PTAI 21.5.1

The release includes new telemetry for upcoming dashboard changes, and support for deprecated segmentation type 0x01 (UPID) for SCTE-based cue formats.

For other fixes and details, see Ad Insertion Release Notes

Enhancements and fixes in TVSDK 3.13 iOS

The release introduces support for DEMUXED ‘HLS/CMAF’ (preroll, midroll, and postroll) ads for LIVE, VOD, and FER streams.

For other fixes and details, see TVSDK for iOS Release Notes

Fixes in TVSDK 3.13 Android

This release provides a workaround to the issue about the Widevine DRM stream freezing or showing black frames on ABR switch on FireTV devices, which include Fire TV 3rd generation Pendant and Fire TV Cube 1st and 2nd generation devices.

To resolve the issue, set the API MediaPlayer.flushVideoDecoderOnHeaderChange(true) for the specified Fire TV devices before initiating playback. The default value is false.

Check out the TVSDK for Android Release Notes for more information.

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