Enable video playback

Create a PlaybackManager that handles the HLS stream setup and playback operation. No other configuration is required.

  1. Create the media player object by making sure the following code exists in PlayerFragment.java:

    private MediaPlayer createMediaPlayer() {
            MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = DefaultMediaPlayer.create(getActivity().getApplicationContext());
            return mediaPlayer;
  2. Create the playback manager through the ManagerFactory:

    playbackManager = ManagerFactory.getPlaybackManager(config, mediaPlayer);
  3. Implement the PlaybackManagerEventListener in the PlayerFragment to handle the playback events:

    private final PlaybackManagerEventListener playbackManagerEventListener =
      new PlaybackManagerEventListener()
  4. Register the event listener in the PlayerFragment:

  5. Set up the video resource:

    playbackManager.setupVideo(url, adsManager);
  6. Set up the control bar operations in the PlayerFragment:

    controlBar.pressPlay() {

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