JSON object for Primetime ads

The code block below defines the details JSON object when the type value is Primetime ads.

“metadata”: {
    “ad” :  {
        “type”: “Primetime ads”,
        “details”: {
            "domain": "sandbox2.auditude.com",
            "mediaid": "rom_asset_case_1",
            "zoneid": "109754",
            "targeting": [
                    "key": "osmfKeyMulAdsAvail12346",
                    "value": "MulAdsAvail12346"

Property Description
domain The Primetime ads domain to use for ad requests.
mediaid The mediaid that has been set up in Primetime ads for this content.
zoneid The Primetime ads zoneid. See the Primetime ads documentation for more information.
targeting An array of key/value pairs used for targeting specific ads for the content.

See com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.AuditudeSettings for more information on the value of these attributes.

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