Media player classes

Last update: 2023-10-02

You can use the Primetime Player Objective-C API to customize the behavior of the player.

These classes describe your media player and its resources.

Class Description
PTABRControlParameters Encapsulates all adaptive bit-rate control parameters. Supported parameters are:
  • minBitRate
  • maxBitRate
  • initialBitRate
PTDefaultMediaPlayerClientFactory Default implementation of PTMediaPlayerClientFactoryin the TVSDK. It provides the availablePTOpportunityResolver, PTContentResolver, andPTAdPolicySelector instances.
PTMediaPlayer Defines the root component for the Primetime Player framework.Applications create an instance of this class to play back a media. This component dispatches notifications to let your application know the status of the player at any given time.
PTMediaPlayerClientFactory Protocol that describes the methods that a custom media player client factory should implement to provide the available PTOpportunityResolver ,PTContentResolver and PTAdPolicySelector instances.
PTMediaPlayerItem Represents a specific audio-video media.
PTMediaPlayerView Manages the view component of the Primetime Player framework.
PTMediaProfile Represents the profile of a single stream in the variant playlist.
PTMediaSelectionOption Represents an audiovisual media resource to accommodate different language preferences, accessibility requirements, or custom application configurations. Valid option types:
  • Subtitles (PTMediaSelectionOptionTypeSubtitle)
  • Alternate audio (PTMediaSelectionOptionTypeAudio)
  • Closed captions (PTMediaSelectionOptionTypeCC)
  • Undefined (PTMediaSelectionOptionTypeUndefined)
PTOpportunityResolver class,PTOpportunityResolver protocol Class used for processing in-manifest cues that will be used as placements for the Adobe Primetime ad decisioning process.
PTOpportunityResolverDelegate Protocol that describes the methods that the custom opportunity resolver ( PTOpportunityResolver ) should use to communicate to the delegate the status of the resolving of the opportunity.
PTSDK Describes the version of the TVSDK and its capabilities.
PTSDKConfig Exposes TVSDK global settings and allows an application to subscribe to custom HLS tags.
PTTextStyleRule Defines constants that represent text style attribute keys that form the dictionary of rules.

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