Use timed metadata

You can use TimedMetadata when the current playback time matches the start time.

To use these saved PTTimedMetadata objects during playback, use the saved dictionary from Store timed-metadata objects as they are dispatched.

  1. Extract and update the current playback time from this notification and find all of the PTTimedMetadata objects with start times that match the current playback time.

    You can use these objects to complete various actions.

    For example:

    - (void) onMediaPlayerTimeChange:(NSNotification *)notification
        CMTimeRange seekableRange = self.player.seekableRange;
        if (CMTIMERANGE_IS_VALID(seekableRange))
            int currentTime = (int) CMTimeGetSeconds(self.player.currentTime);
            NSArray *allKeys = timedMetadataCollection ? [timedMetadataCollection allKeys] : [NSArray array];
            NSMutableArray *timedMetadatasToDelete = [[[NSMutableArray alloc] init] autorelease];
            int count = [allKeys count];
            for (int i=count - 1; i > -1; i--)
               NSNumber *currTimedMetadataTime = allKeys[i];
               if ([currTimedMetadataTime integerValue] == currentTime)
                    Use the timed metadata here and remove it from the collection.
                 NSLog (@"IN PLAYBACK TIME %i TO EXECUTE TIMEDMETADATA %@ scheduled at time %f",currentTime,,CMTimeGetSeconds(currTimedMetadata.time));
                PTTimedMetadata *currTimedMetadata = [timedMetadataCollection objectForKey:currTimedMetadataTime];
                [timedMetadatasToDelete addObject:currTimedMetadataTime];
            for (int i=0; i<[timedMetadatasToDelete count]; i++)
                NSNumber *timedMetadataToDelete = timedMetadatasToDelete[i];
                [timedMetadataCollection removeObjectForKey:timedMetadataToDelete];
  2. Periodically flush stale PTTimedMetadata instances from the list to prevent memory from continuously growing.

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