Store timed metadata objects as they are dispatched

Last update: 2023-10-02

Your application must use the appropriate PTTimedMetadata objects at the appropriate times.

During content parsing, which happens before playback, TVSDK identifies subscribed tags and notifies your application about these tags. The time that is associated with each PTTimedMetadata is the absolute time on the playback timeline.

Your application must complete the following tasks:

  1. Keep track of the current playback time.

  2. Match the current playback time to the dispatched PTTimedMetadata objects.

  3. Use the PTTimedMetadata where the start time equals the current playback time.


    The code below assumes that there is only one PTTimedMetadata instance at a time. If there are multiple instances, the application must save them appropriately in a dictionary. One method is to create an array at a given time and store all instances in that array.

    The following example shows how to save PTTimedMetadata objects in a NSMutableDictionary (timedMetadataCollection) keyed by the start time of each timedMetadata.

    NSMutableDictionary *timedMetadataCollection;
    - (void)onMediaPlayerSubscribedTagIdentified:(NSNotification *)notification
        if (!timedMetadataCollection)
            timedMetadataCollection = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
        NSDictionary *userInfo = [notification userInfo];
        PTTimedMetadata *timedMetadata = [(PTTimedMetadata *)[userInfo objectForKey:PTTimedMetadataKey] retain];
        if ([  isEqualToString: @"#EXT-OATCLS-SCTE35"])
             NSLog(@"Adding timedMetadata %@ to timedMetadataCollection with time
            NSNumber *timedMetadataStartTime = [NSNumber numberWithInt:(int)CMTimeGetSeconds(timedMetadata.time)];
            [timedMetadataCollection setObject:timedMetadata forKey:timedMetadataStartTime];
        [timedMetadata release];

Parsing Nielsen ID3 tags

To extract the ID3 tag for parsing, use the following on the onMediaPlayerSubscribedTagIdentified method:

(void)onMediaPlayerSubscribedTagIdentified:(NSNotification *)notification
NSDictionary *userInfo = [notification userInfo];
PTTimedMetadata *timedMetadata = (PTTimedMetadata *)[userInfo objectForKey:PTTimedMetadataKey];
if (timedMetadata.type == PTTimedMetadataTypeID3)
Unknown macro: { PTMetadata *metadata = (PTMetadata *)timedMetadata; NSString * nstr = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat}


After you parse the ID3 tag, extract the Nielsen-specific metadata using the following:

    (NSString *)parseNielsenUrlFromID3Tag:(NSString *)str
    /* ID3 tag <AVMetadataItem: 0x15e58e60, identifier=id3/PRIV, keySpace=org.id3, key class = __NSCFString, key=PRIV, commonKey=(null), extendedLanguageTag=(null), dataType=(null), time= {110265598/4410000 = 25.004}

    , duration=

    , startDate=(null), extras=
    { info = "​1TsDo0jIrNn9N2yTPe6nVG3dHZHfgS52fJeQjf9fJCga9tj4OW4NXPZ9fI1mx0gfYUPBXnjqolHemZPtn_FCoNg​8Dqw8-Auruf15fU04pJfXTTN0IgZ4iWBmeRiPpS9X100zdCIGeIlgZnkYj6UvVjmPIdY5jyRQTA=/00000/21778/00"; }

    , value length=1>

NSString *nielsenStr = nil;
for (NSString *keyValuePairString in [str componentsSeparatedByString:@", "])
if([keyValuePairString rangeOfString:@""].location != NSNotFound)
{ // Nielsen NSRange start = [keyValuePairString rangeOfString:@"\""]; NSRange end = [keyValuePairString rangeOfString:@"\";"]; nielsenStr = [keyValuePairString substringWithRange:NSMakeRange(start.location + 1, end.location-start.location)]; }

return nielsenStr;

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