Config class methods for tags

You can configure custom tag names in TVSDK globally with the PTSDKConfig class.

TVSDK applies the global configuration automatically to any media stream that does not specify a stream-specific configuration.

PTSDKConfig exposes these methods to manage the custom tags:

Subscribe to specific custom tags
subscribedTags Retrieves the current list of subscribed tags.
setSubscribedTags Sets the list of subscribed tags that will be exposed to the application.
Customize the ad tags used by the default opportunity detector
adTags Retrieves the current list of ad tags.
setAdTags Sets the list of ad tags that will be used by default opportunity generator.

Remember the following:

  • The setter methods do not allow the tags parameter to contain null values.

  • The custom tag name must contain the # prefix.

    For example, #EXT-X-ASSET is a correct custom tag name, but EXT-X-ASSET is incorrect.

  • You cannot change the configuration after the media stream has been loaded.

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