TVSDK supports resolving and inserting ads for VOD and live/linear streams.


Before you can include advertising in your video content, provide the following metadata information:

  • A mediaID, which identifies the specific content to play.
  • Your zoneID, which identifies your company or website.
  • Your ad server domain, which specifies the domain of your assigned ad server.
  • Other targeting parameters.

Set up Primetime ad server metadata

Your application must provide TVSDK with the required PTAuditudeMetadata information to connect to the ad server.

To set up the ad server metadata:

  1. Create an instance of PTAuditudeMetadata and set its properties.

    PTAuditudeMetadata *adMetadata = [[PTAuditudeMetadata alloc] init];
    adMetadata.zoneId = @"INSERT_YOUR_ZONE_ID_HERE";
    adMetadata.domain = @"INSERT_YOUR_DOMAIN_HERE";
    // Optionally set user agent
    adMetadata.userAgent = @"INSERT_AGENT_NAME_HERE;
  2. Set the PTAuditudeMetadata instance as metadata for the current PTMediaPlayerItem metadata by using PTAdResolvingMetadataKey.

    // Metadata is an instance of PTMetadata that is used to create the PTMediaPlayerItem
    [metadata setMetadata:adMetadata forKey:PTAdResolvingMetadataKey];
    [adMetadata release];

    Here is an example:

    PTMetadata *metadata = [self createMetadata];
    PTMediaPlayerItem *item =
      [[[PTMediaPlayerItem alloc] initWithUrl:url mediaId:yourMediaID metadata:metadata] autorelease];
    - (PTMetadata *) createMetadata {
        PTMetadata* metadata = [[[PTMetadata alloc] init] autorelease];
        PTAuditudeMetadata *adMetadata = [[[PTAuditudeMetadata alloc] init] autorelease];
        adMetadata.zoneId = yourZoneID;
        adMetadata.domain = yourAdServerDomain;
        [metadata setMetadata:adMetadata forKey:PTAdResolvingMetadataKey];
        return metadata;

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