PSDK Error Codes

Last update: 2023-10-02

Read on to know about PSDK error codes, warnings, and native error codes.


The following table provides detailed information about ERROR type notifications. Most errors contain relevant metadata; for example, URL of the resource that failed to download. Some notifications contain metadata to specify whether the problem occurred in the main video content, in the alternate audio content, or in an ad.

PSDK Error Name PSDK Error Code Description
SUCCESS 0 Operation performed by underlying API is successful.
INVALID_ARGUMENT 1 Data or format of argument provided to underlying API is invalid.
NULL_POINTER 2 One of the argument passed in is NULL Or one of the internal members was not initialized.
ILLEGAL_STATE 3 The operation is not supported in current player state.
INTERFACE_NOT_FOUND 4 The interfaceCast method throws this error when the requested interface is not implemented/inherited by this.
CREATION_FAILED 5 Creation of one of the internal resources failed.
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION 6 The requested operation is currently not supported.
DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE 7 The requested data is currently not available.
SEEK_ERROR 8 An error has occurred while performing a seek operation.
UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE 9 This feature/function is not supported.
RANGE_ERROR 10 Specified value is out of range.
CODEC_NOT_SUPPORTED 11 Given stream's Audio/Video Codec is not supported by TVSDK or by underlying device.
MEDIA_ERROR 12 The specified media is not found.
NETWORK_ERROR 13 An Error has occurred while downloading a fragment or segment(both video and audio).
GENERIC_ERROR 14 Generic error event. Not actually issued by TVSDK. This is only a marker for the end of the range of numerical codes corresponding to TVSDK error events.
INVALID_SEEK_TIME 15 The seek time provided is invalid.
AUDIO_TRACK_ERROR 16 An error related to an audio track occurred (Alternate Audio)
ACCESS_FROM_DIFFERENT_THREAD 17 PSDK API is called from different thread than the thread in which PSDK was initialized.
ELEMENT_NOT_FOUND 18 The element is not found.
NOT_IMPLEMENTED 19 Feature not implemented.
PRE_ROLL_DISABLED 20 The preroll has been disabled via AdvertisingMetadata.
PLAYBACK_NOT_AUTHORIZED 57 HLS playback has not been enabled in the Flash Player. See AuthorizedFeatures.enableMediaPlayerHLSPlayback().
NETWORK_TIMEOUT 58 Network Timed out while fetching a resource/connecting server.


The following table provides detailed information about WARN type notifications.
Most warnings contain relevant metadata; for example, the URL of the resource that failed to download. Some notifications contain metadata to specify whether the problem occurred in the main video content, in the alternate audio content, or in an ad.

Error Name Code Description
PLAYBACK_OPERATION_FAILED 200 There was an error during playback operation. A playback-related operation has failed
NATIVE_WARNING 201 The low-level AVE library issued an error.
AD_RESOLVER_FAILED 202 Ad plugin failed to resolve ads.
AD_MANIFEST_LOAD_FAILED 203 Failed to load the Ad manifest.
AD_RESOLUTION_IN_PROGRESS 204 Operation for Resolving Ads is in progress.


Error Name Code Description
REVENUE_OPTIMIZATION_REPORTING 300 TVSDK detailed Notifications for further reporting and analysis.

Native Error Codes

The Video Encoder interface of the AVE returns these video playback notifications in the NATIVE_ERROR metadata object.

Error Name Code Description
END_OF_PERIOD -1 End of period.
SUCCESS 0 Operation successful.
ASYNC_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS 1 Asynchronous operation. The operation request has been made. Success/ failure information will be available later.
EOF 2 Operation not possible due to end of file (EOF) condition.
DECODER_FAILED 3 The decoder failed at runtime.
DEVICE_OPEN_ERROR 4 Failed to open hardware decoder.
FILE_NOT_FOUND 5 Resource cannot be located.
GENERIC_ERROR 6 Generic error.
IRRECOVERABLE_ERROR 7 An error condition that the Video Engine cannot recover from.
LOST_CONNECTION_RECOVERABLE 8 Network error, trying to recover.
NO_FIXED_SIZE 9 The size of the resource cannot be determined.
NOT_IMPLEMENTED 10 Feature not implemented.
OUT_OF_MEMORY 11 Out of memory.
PARSE_ERROR 12 Error while parsing the media file.
SIZE_UNKNOWN 13 The resource has a size, but it is unknown.
UNDER_FLOW 14 Underflow condition.
UNSUPPORTED_CONFIG 15 Configuration is not supported.
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION 16 Operation is not supported.
WAITING_FOR_INIT 17 Not yet initialized.
INVALID_PARAMETER 18 Invalid parameter.
INVALID_OPERATION 19 Operation not permitted.
OP_ONLY_ALLOWED_IN_PAUSED_STATE 20 The operation is allowed only while paused.
OP_INVALID_WITH_AUDIO_ONLY_FILE 21 Operation cannot be used on audio only files.
PREVIOUS_STEP_SEEK_IN_PROGRESS 22 Previous seek operation is still in progress.
SOURCE_NOT_SPECIFIED 23 Resource not specified.
RANGE_ERROR 24 Specified value is out of range.
INVALID_SEEK_TIME 25 Invalid seek time.
FILE_STRUCTURE_INVALID 26 The file specified does not conform to the expected syntax.
COMPONENT_CREATION_FAILURE 27 An essential component could not be created.
DRM_INIT_ERROR 28 Failed to create DRM context.
CONTAINER_NOT_SUPPORTED 29 Container type is not supported.
SEEK_FAILED 30 Seek failed.
CODEC_NOT_SUPPORTED 31 Unsupported codec.
NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE 32 Network is not available.
NETWORK_ERROR 33 Error getting data from the Network.
OVERFLOW 34 Overflow.
VIDEO_PROFILE_NOT_SUPPORTED 35 Unsupported video profile.
PERIOD_NOT_LOADED 36 An operation was attempted on a HOLD period or a period that has not yet been loaded.
INVALID_REPLACE_DURATION 37 The replace duration specified is invalid or extends past the end of the stream.
CALLED_FROM_WRONG_THREAD 38 API can't be called from the wrong thread. Mostly, for API elements that should be called from Main thread only.
FRAGMENT_READ_ERROR 39 Fragment read error. No failover present. Engine will try to read the next fragment.
ABORTED 40 The operation was aborted by an explicit Abort or Destroy call.
UNSUPPORTED_HLS_VERSION 41 Cannot play this version of HLS media.
CANNOT_FAIL_OVER 42 Cannot fail over.
HTTP_TIME_OUT 43 HTTP download has timed out.
NETWORK_DOWN 44 The user's network connection is down. Playback could stop any moment and will resume when the connection is available.
NO_USABLE_BITRATE_PROFILE 45 No usable bit rate profile found in the stream.
BAD_MANIFEST_SIGNATURE 46 The manifest has a bad signature. It failed the manifest signing test.
CANNOT_LOAD_PLAYLIST 47 Cannot load a playlist.
REPLACEMENT_FAILED 48 Replacement specified in an Insert API could not succeed. This means that the insertion succeeded but replacement did not. Replacement could fail if the manifest to be replaced has been removed from the timeline.
SWITCH_TO_ASYMMETRIC_PROFILE 49 DRM is switching to an asymmetric profile. All the profiles are expected to be aligned in duration. If not, this warning will be thrown, and there may be jumps in the playback.
LIVE_WINDOW_MOVED_BACKWARD 50 Live window is expected to move forward only. If not, this warning will be thrown, and the window will not be read. Because of that, there may be jumps (or stop / long pause) in the playback.
CURRENT_PERIOD_EXPIRED 51 Live window moved beyond the current period.
CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH 52 The content-length reported by the HTTP server did not match the actual media size.
PERIOD_HOLD 53 The media reader is unable to read further because it has reached the time set by setHoldAt API.
LIVE_HOLD 54 The media reader is unable to load segments because it has reached the end of the live window. Segment loading will resume when the server ads new media to the live window. This state is usually reached if:
  • The bufferTime is too high (equal to or higher than the live window duration).
  • A combination of one or more of insert/ erase API replaced more media than it added.
  • The next period is a live period with a pending media replacement (due to InsertBy API call)
BAD_MEDIA_INTERLEAVING 55 The audio and video interleaving in the media is not done properly. This is a packaging error. The warning is dispatched when the difference exceeds two seconds.
PLAYBACK_NOT_AUTHORIZED 57 HLS playback has not been enabled in the Flash Player. See AuthorizedFeatures.enableHLSPlayback.
BAD_MEDIA_SAMPLE_FOUND 58 The decoder received a bad sample that cannot be decoded. This is usually not a fatal error but indicates that there may be glitches in the audio/video. Too many instances of this error indicate a bad encoding or bad file.
RANGE_SPANS_READ_HEAD 59 After playback has started, the Insert/Replace range should not contain the read head.
POSTROLL_WITH_LIVE_NOT_ALLOWED 60 Post-roll insertions are not allowed on a live media. They are, however, allowed after the server marks the media as complete.
INTERNAL_ERROR 61 A very rare issue that should never happen.
SPS_PPS_FOUND_OUTSIDE_AVCC 62 The stream does not follow the packaging recommendation of always putting H264 SPS/PPS in an AVCC. Seek / playback issues might be seen.
PARTIAL_REPLACEMENT 63 Replacement specified in an Insert API was only partially done. This happens when replaceDuration spans over the timeline duration.
RENDITION_M3U8_ERROR 64 Rendition playlist had an error loading. This is only for AVE, not for FlashPlayer.
NULL_OPERATION 65 Operation does not do anything.
SEGMENT_SKIPPED_ON_FAILURE 66 Segment cannot be played and is skipped on failure.
INCOMPATIBLE_RENDER_MODE 67 Incompatible render mode.
PROTOCOL_NOT_SUPPORTED 68 The Web protocol used in the URL is not supported.
PARSE_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_VERSION 69 Error while parsing media file.
MANIFEST_FILE_UNEXPECTEDLY_CHANGED 70 Manifest file was changed in an unexpected manner.
CANNOT_SPLIT_TIMELINE 71 Cannot perform a split operation on a timeline.
CANNOT_ERASE_TIMELINE 72 Cannot perform an erase operation on a timeline.
DID_NOT_GET_NEXT_FRAGMENT 73 Did not get the next fragment.
NO_TIMELINE 74 No timeline present in an internal data structure.
LISTENER_NOT_FOUND 75 No listener found in an internal data structure.
AUDIO_START_ERROR 76 Unable to start audio.
NO_AUDIO_SINK 77 No audio sink present in an internal data structure.
FILE_OPEN_ERROR 78 Unable to open file.
FILE_WRITE_ERROR 79 Unable to write to a file.
FILE_READ_ERROR 80 Unable to read from a file.
ID3PARSE_ERROR 81 There was an error parsing ID3 data.
SECURITY_ERROR 82 Loading the content failed because of security restrictions.
TIMELINE_TOO_SHORT 83 The timeline duration is too short. If this is a live stream, frequent buffering may happen.
AUDIO_ONLY_STREAM_START 84 The stream has been switched to an audio-only stream.
AUDIO_ONLY_STREAM_END 85 The stream has been switched from audio-only to a stream with video.
KEY_NOT_FOUND 87 Key cannot be found.
INVALID_KEY 88 The key is invalid.
KEY_SERVER_NOT_FOUND 89 Key server does not return a key.
MAIN_MANIFEST_UPDATE_TO_BE_HANDLED 90 Cannot handle main manifest update.
UNREPORTED_TIME_DISCONTINUITY_FOUND 91 Unreported time (PTS) discontinuity found.
UNMATCHED_AV_DISCONTINUITY_FOUND 92 Unmatched Audio and Video discontinuity found.
TRICKPLAY_ENDED_DUE_TO_ERROR 93 There was an error while playing media in trick play mode. Trick play mode is ended and the stream is paused. Call Play() to play the media in normal mode.
LIVE_WINDOW_MOVED_AHEAD 95 The player is out of the live window and must seek forward to catch up.

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