Inspect the playback timeline

You can obtain a description of the timeline associated with the currently selected item being played by TVSDK. This is most useful when your application displays a custom scrub-bar control in which the content sections that correspond to ad content are identified.

Here is an example implementation as seen in the following screen shot.

  1. Access the Timeline object in the MediaPlayer using the getTimeline() method.

    The Timeline class encapsulates the information that is related to the contents of the timeline that is associated with the media item that is currently loaded by the MediaPlayer instance. The Timeline class provides access to a read-only view of the underlying timeline. The Timeline class provides a getter method that provides an iterator through a list of TimelineMarker objects.

  2. Iterate through the list of TimelineMarkers and use the returned information to implement your timeline.

    A `TimelineMarker` object contains two pieces of information:
    • Position of the marker on the timeline (in milliseconds)
    • Duration of the marker on the timeline (in milliseconds)
  3. Listen for the MediaPlayerEvent.TIMELINE_UPDATED event on the MediaPlayer instance, and implement the TimelineUpdatedEventListener.onTimelineUpdated() callback.

    The Timeline object can inform your application about changes that might occur in the playback timeline by calling your OnTimelineUpdated listener.

// access the timeline object
Timeline timeline = mediaPlayer.getTimeline();

// Iterate through the list of TimelineMarkers
Iterator<TimelineMarker> iterator = timeline.timelineMarkers();

while (iterator.hasNext()) {
    TimelineMarker marker =;
    // the start position of the marker
    long startPos = marker.getTime();
    // the duration of the marker
    long duration = marker.getDuration();

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