Implement VPAID 2.0 integration

To add VPAID 2.0 support, add a custom ad view and appropriate listeners.

  1. Add the custom ad view to the player interface when the player is in the PREPARED state.

    private FrameLayout _playerFrame;
        case PREPARED:
    private void addCustomView() {
        WebView view = (WebView)_mediaPlayer.getCustomAdView();
  2. Create listeners and process the events described in Events.


    In a VPAID 2.0 workflow, for custom ad views it is very important to maintain your CustomAdView instance across AdBreak starts (event AD_BREAK_START) and AdBreak completes (event AD_BREAK_COMPLETE), from the time you create the custom ad view through to when you dispose of it. That is, do not create a custom ad view on every ad break start and dispose of it on every ad break complete.

    In addition, you should only create your custom ad view when your player is in the PREPARED state,

    Only dispose of the custom ad view when reset is called. For example:

    // on reset
    if (_mediaPlayer != null) {

    Finally, before you dispose of your custom ad view, you must remove it from the FrameLayout. For example:

    if (_playerFrame != null)

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