Upgrading from 2.5.x Lazy Ad Resolving to 3.x Lazy Ad Resolving (API/Workflow changes):

The com.adobe.mediacore.timeline.TimelineMarker interface now contains a new method:

Placement.Type getPlacementType()

This method will return a placement type of Placement.Type.PRE_ROLL, Placement.Type.MID_ROLL or Placement.Type.POST_ROLL. If an ad break is unresolved, the getDuration()method on the TimelineMarker interface will return 0.


This interface not always cast into the type com.mediacore.timeline.advertising.AdBreakTimelineItem if it has not yet been resolved. It will be able to be casted if the getDuration() method of the TimelineMarker is greater than 0.

Event changes:

kEventAdResolutionComplete is now depreciated and is now triggered immediately after the player enters the PREPARED status. Applications that previously only listened to this event to draw the scrub bar should change this to listen for kEventTimelineUpdated only. After individual ad breaks are resolved, a new kEventTimelineUpdated event will be dispatched.

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