An opportunity generator identifies placement opportunities by custom tags in a stream, ad signaling mode custom markers, and so on. The opportunity generator sends these placement opportunities to the content resolver, which customizes the content/ad insertion workflow based on the placement opportunity’s properties and metadata.

TVSDK includes the following default opportunity generators:

  • ManifestCuesOpportunityGenerator generates opportunities from the default ad cues ( #EXT-X-CUE).

  • AdSignalingModeOpportunityGenerator generates an initial opportunity for the specified ad signaling mode. This ignores any cues or timed metadata information.

  • CustomMarkerOpportunityGenerator generates opportunities to replace baked-in C3 ads.

  • AuditudeResolver’s opportunity generator produces opportunities when lazy ad resolving is on.

TVSDK also includes default content resolvers:

  • CustomRangeResolver
  • JSONResolver
  • AuditudeResolver, which can communicate with Primetime ad decisioning.

You can override the default opportunity generators and content resolvers to customize the advertising workflow in ways such as the following:

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