Companion banner data

Last update: 2023-10-02

The content of an AdAsset describes a companion banner.

Each AdAsset provides information about displaying the asset.

Available information Description
width Width of the companion banner in pixels.
height Height of the companion banner in pixels.
resource type The resource type for this companion banner:
  • html: The data is in HTML code.
  • iframe: The data is an iframe URL (src).
static URL

Sometimes, the companion banner also has a staticURL that is a direct URL to the image or to a .swf (flash banner).

If you do not want to use html or iframe, you can use a direct URL to an image or swf to display the banner in the Flash stage instead. In this case, you can use the staticURL to display the banner.

Important: You must check whether the static URL is a valid string, because this property might not always be available.

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