Smoother trick play operations

Last update: 2023-10-02

If your system has access to hardware-assisted decoding, you can achieve smoother trick play than with the pure software TVSDK implementation by using iFrame format.

Using iFrame format results in trick play operations that are not smooth. Smoother trick play operation uses a normal (not iFrame) profile, hardware decoding support, and an increased frame rate. Different hardware-assisted decoding devices have different capabilities. Double speed requires 60 frames per second (FPS), and quadruple speed requires 120 FPS.


Adobe recommends that you limit playback to double speed for newer Android devices and not use the feature for older Android devices.

To achieve smoother trick play, set ABRControlParameters.maxPlayoutRate to the desired multiple of normal speed (for example, 2.0 for double speed). If a subsequent call to MediaPlayer.setRate() has an argument that is less than or equal to the value you set for maxPlayoutRate, TVSDK uses a normal profile to achieve smoother trick play. Otherwise it uses an iFrame profile for the trickplay operation.

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