Configure adaptive bit rates using ABRControlParameters

You can set ABR control values only with ABRControlParameters, but you can construct a new one at any time.

The following conditions apply to ABRControlParameters:

  • At construction time, you must provide values for all parameters.
  • After the construction, you cannot change individual values.
  • If the parameters that you specify are outside of the allowed range, an ArgumentError is thrown.
  1. Determine your initial, minimum, and maximum bit rates.

  2. Determine the ABR policy:

  3. Set the ABR parameter values in the ABRControlParameters constructor and assign the values to the Media Player.

    public ABRControlParameters(int initialBitRate,
      int minBitRate,
      int maxBitRate,
      ABRControlParameters.ABRPolicy abrPolicy,
      int minTrickPlayBitRate,
      int maxTrickPlayBitRate,
      int maxTrickPlayBandwidthUsage,
      int maxPlayoutRate);

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