Config class methods for tags

Last update: 2023-10-02

You can globally configure custom tag names in TVSDK with the MediaPlayerItemConfig class.

TVSDK automatically applies the global configuration to any media stream that does not specify a stream-specific configuration.

MediaPlayerItemConfig exposes these methods to manage the custom tags:

Subscribe to specific custom tags
public final String[] getSubscribedTags

Retrieves the current list of subscribed tags.

public final void setSubscribedTags(String[] tags);

Sets the list of subscribed tags that will be exposed to the application.

Your application is also automatically subscribed to all tags transmitted through setAdTags .

Customize the ad tags used by the default opportunity detector
public final String[] getAdTags;

Retrieves the current list of ad tags.

public final void setAdTags(String[] tags);

Sets the list of ad tags that will be used by default opportunity generator.

Remember the following:

  • The setter methods do not allow the tags parameter to contain null values.

    If encountered, TVSDK throws an IllegalArgumentException.

  • The custom tag name must contain the # prefix.

    For example, #EXT-X-ASSET is a correct custom tag name, but EXT-X-ASSET is incorrect.

  • You cannot change the configuration after the media stream has been loaded.

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