Notifications for player status, activity, errors, and logging

PTNotification objects provide information about changes in player status, warnings, and errors. Errors that stop the playback of the video also cause a change in the status of the player.

Your application can retrieve the notification and status information. You can also create a logging system for diagnostics and validation by using the notification information.


TVSDK also uses notification to refer to NSNotifications ( PTMediaPlayer notifications) event notifications, dispatched to provide information about player activity.

TVSDK also issues PTMediaPlayerNewNotificationItemEntryNotification when it issues PTNotification.

You implement event listeners to capture and respond to events. Many events provide PTNotification status notifications.

Notification content

PTNotification provides information that is related to the player’s status.

TVSDK provides a chronological list of PTNotification notifications. Each notification contains the following information:

  • Time stamp

  • Diagnostic metadata that consists of the following elements:

    • type: INFO, WARN, or ERROR.

    • code: A numerical representation of the notification.

    • name: A human-readable description of the notification, such as SEEK_ERROR

    • metadata: Key/value pairs that contain relevant information about the notification. For example, a key named URL provides a value that is a URL related to the notification.

    • innerNotification: A reference to another PTNotification object that directly impacts this notification.

You can store this information locally for later analysis or send it to a remote server for logging and graphical representation.

Notification setup

TVSDK sets up the player for basic notifications, although you must complete the same set up for your custom notifications.

There are two implementations for PTNotification:

  • To listen
  • To add custom notifications to PTNotificationHistory

To listen to notifications, TVSDK instantiates the PTNotification class and attaches it to an instance of the PTMediaPlayerItem, which is attached to a PTMediaPlayer instance. There is only one PTNotificationHistory instance per PTMediaPlayer.


If you are adding customizations, your applications and not TVSDK, must perform those steps.

Listen to notifications

There are two ways to listen to the PTNotification notification in the PTMediaPlayer:

  1. Manually check the PTNotificationHistory of the PTMediaPlayerItem with a timer and check the differences:

    //Access to the PTMediaPlayerItem
    PTMediaPlayerItem *item = self.player.currentItem;
    PTNotificationHistory *notificationHistory = item.notificationHistory;
    //Get the list of notification events from the notification History
    NSArray *notifications = notificationHistory.notificationItems;
  2. Use the posted NSNotification of the PTMediaPlayerPTMediaPlayerNewNotificationEntryAddedNotification.

  3. Register to the NSNotification by using the instance of the PTMediaPlayer from which you want to get notifications:

    //Register to the NSNotification
    [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(onMediaPlayerNotification:)
      name:PTMediaPlayerNewNotificationEntryAddedNotification object:self.player];

Implement notification callbacks

You can implement notification callbacks.

  1. Implement the notification callback by getting the PTNotification from the NSNotification user information and reading its values by using PTMediaPlayerNotificationKey:

    - (void) onMediaPlayerNotification:(NSNotification *) nsnotification {
        PTNotification *notification = [nsnotification.userInfo objectForKey:PTMediaPlayerNotificationKey];
        NSLog(@"Notification: %@", notification);

Add custom notifications

To add a custom notification:
Create a new PTNotification and add it to the PTNotificationHistory by using the current PTMediaPlayerItem:

//Access to the PTMediaPlayerItem
PTMediaPlayerItem *item = self.player.currentItem;
PTNotificationHistory *notificationHistory = item.notificationHistory;

//Create notification
PTNotification* notification = [[PTNotification notificationWithType:PTNotificationTypeWarning code:99999 description:@"Custom notification description"];

//Add notification
[notificationHistory addNotification:notification];

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