Instant-on preloads parts of the media on one or more channels. After a user selects or switches channels, the content starts sooner because some of the buffering has already completed.

When your player is in the PTMediaPlayerStatusReady status, call prepareToPlay to preload and process some of the content for later playback.


If you do not call prepareToPlay, calling play automatically calls prepareToPlay first. The preloading and processing is completed at this time.

TVSDK completes some or all of the following tasks for prepareToPlay:

  • If the metadata key kSyncCookiesWithAVAsset is set, TVSDK makes one request to the original M3U8 file to synchronize cookies.
  • Loads DRM metadata keys.
  • Creates and prepares some structures, elements, or assets that are needed for playing content.

The PTMediaPlayer and PTMediaPlayerItem prepareToPlay methods are equal. To avoid creating a separate PTMediaPlayer instance for each asset, use the PTMediaPlayerItem method.

Instant-on helps you launch multiple media player instances, or media-player item loader instances, simultaneously in the background and buffer video streams in all of these instances. When a user changes the channel, and the stream has buffered properly, calling play on the new channel starts the playback sooner.

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