Reset or reuse a MediaPlayer instance

You can reset, reuse, or release a MediaPlayer instance that you no longer need.

When you reset a MediaPlayer instance, it is returned to its uninitialized IDLE state as defined in MediaPlayerStatus.

This operation is useful in the following cases:

  • You want to reuse a MediaPlayer instance but need to load a new MediaResource (video content) and replace the previous instance.

    Resetting allows you to reuse the MediaPlayer instance without the overhead of releasing resources, recreating the MediaPlayer, and reallocating resources. The replaceCurrentItem and replaceCurrentResource methods automatically do these steps for you, without having to call the reset method.

  • When the MediaPlayer has an ERROR status and needs to be cleared.


    This is the only way to recover from the ERROR status.

  1. Call reset to return the MediaPlayer instance to its uninitialized state:

    function reset():void;
  2. Use MediaPlayer.replaceCurrentItem or MediaPlayer.replaceCurrentResource to load another MediaResource.


    To clear an error, load the same MediaResource.

  3. When you receive the the MediaPlaybackStatusChangeEvent.STATUS_CHANGED with the PREPARED status, start the playback.

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