Details for the NATIVE_ERROR notification

When TVSDK handles a native error, it sets some or all of the following metadata key values.

Metadata key name Metadata value
      Native error code from Flash Player.
These codes represent the following:
  • DRM errors (codes 3300 to 3367). These are the same as the equivalent Flash Player error codes.
  • Video playback errors (-1 to 89).
  • Cryptography errors (300 to 307).
RUNTIME_CODE_MESSAGE A string that contains the error's name; for example, AAXS_InvalidVoucher or DECODER_FAILED .
RUNTIME_SUBERROR_CODE For DRM errors, suberror codes are also returned. These codes correspond to the DRMErrorEvents suberror code that is returned by the Flash Player. When reporting errors to Adobe, include this numeric value for troubleshooting assistance.
DRM_ERROR_STRING For DRM, this is your custom error string from your DRM server deployment, if you defined any. Also include this when reporting errors to Adobe.
DESCRIPTION String description of the error. Usually the URL of the media.
RESOURCE_TYPE Media's type (HLS).

TVSDK receives these error codes and strings from the video engine.


For a complete list of Adobe Primetime DRM client error codes, see DRM Client Error Message Reference.

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