Set up error handling

Last update: 2023-10-02

Set up a single place to handle errors.

  1. Implement an event callback function for MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent.STATUS_CHANGED.

    TVSDK passes event information, such as a MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent object.

  2. In the callback, when the status from the event parameter is MediaPlayerStatus.ERROR, provide logic to handle all errors.

  3. After the error is handled, reset the MediaPlayer object or load a new media resource.

    When the MediaPlayer object is in the ERROR state, it cannot exit this state until you either reset the MediaPlayer object (via the MediaPlayer.reset method) or load a new media resource ( MediaPlayer.replaceCurrentItem).

For example:


private void onStatusChanged(event:MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent):void {
    if (event.status == MediaPlayerStatus.ERROR) {
        var error:MediaError = event.error;
        // handle TVSDK error here

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