QoS events

TVSDK dispatches quality of service (QoS) events to notify your application about events that could influence the computation of QoS statistics, such as buffering and seeking events.

The following example shows a typical progression of these events:

// For buffering
mediaPlayer.addEventListener(BufferEvent.BUFFERING_BEGIN, onBufferingBegin);
private function onBufferingBegin(event:BufferEvent):void { ... }

mediaPlayer.addEventListener(BufferEvent.BUFFERING_END, onBufferingCompleted);
private function onBufferingCompleted(event:BufferEvent):void { ... }

// For seeking
mediaPlayer.addEventListener(SeekEvent.SEEK_BEGIN, onSeekBegin);
private function onSeekBegin(event:SeekEvent):void { ... }

mediaPlayer.addEventListener(SeekEvent.SEEK_COMPLETED, onSeekCompleted);
private function onSeekCompleted(event:SeekEvent):void { ... }

...  SeekEvent.SEEK_POSITION_ADJUSTED...  //if the desired
// seek position is modified by the current advertising policies

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