This guide provides information about how to develop video player applications by using TVSDK for Desktop HLS, which is implemented in ActionScript.

Product overview

TVSDK includes API descriptions and code samples to help you to integrate advanced video functionality, content protection, and advertising features into your player. You use ActionScript to create a video player user interface. TVSDK helps you connect that user interface to its media player. This allows you to play videos and advertising based on media manifests. You can also use TVSDK to retrieve information about the video, handle security, and control and monitor playback.

For specific hardware and software requirements for using TVSDK, see Requirements.


This guide assumes that you understand how to develop applications and video players using ActionScript. You implement a video player user interface by using that language and incorporate TVSDK features.

About this guide

This guide provides information that allows you to incorporate TVSDK features in a video player by using ActionScript on desktop machines.

Namespace notation in this guide


The TVSDK API namespace prefix com.adobe.mediacore is omitted for brevity.

Many API elements are referred to without their parent class designator if the context is clear.

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