Implement custom metadata support

You can provide custom metadata on content, ads, and chapter tracking calls by using callback functions.

Callback functions are invoked just before the tracking call is made, so your application can attach the metadata that is specific to an ad or chapter.

  1. Invoke callback functions for content, ads, and chapters.

    // Video Metadata Block
    vaMetadata.videoMetadataBlock = function():Object {
        return {"myvideoid":"1234", "mysdkversion":Version.version}
    // Ad Metadata Block invoked on every ad start
    vaMetadata.adMetadataBlock = function(ad:Ad):Object {
        return {"myadid":"ad-1234", "myad-sdkversion":Version.version}
    // Chapter Metadata Block invoked on every chapter start
    vaMetadata.chapterMetadataBlock = function(chapter:VideoAnalyticsChapterData) {
        return {"mychapterid":"chapter-1234", "mychapter-sdkversion":Version.version}

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