Ad playback events

Last update: 2023-10-02

TVSDK dispatches ad-playback events in response to ad-related operations such as when an ad starts playing.

To be notified about all ad-playback related events, register listeners with the MediaPlayer object for the following events.


When ads are inserted into or removed from the media, TVSDK dispatches the playback event TimelineEvent.TIMELINE_UPDATED.

Event Meaning
AdBreakPlaybackEvent.AD_BREAK_COMPLETED An ad break has played completely.
AdBreakPlaybackEvent.AD_BREAK_SKIPPED An ad break was skipped during playback.
AdBreakPlaybackEvent.AD_BREAK_STARTED An ad break has started.
AdClickEvent.AD _CLICK The user has clicked the ad. Provides information to your application about the ad that the user clicked, in response to your application calling notifyClick on the MediaPlayerView.
AdPlaybackEvent.AD _COMPLETED An ad has played completely.
AdPlaybackEvent.AD _PROGRESS Ad playback has progressed. Dispatched multiple times while an ad plays.
AdPlaybackEvent.AD _SEEK A seek has occurred across ad boundaries or within an ad.
AdPlaybackEvent.AD _STARTED An ad has started.

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