Ad deletion and replacement API changes

These changes in TVSDK support ad deletion and replacement.

  • AdSignalingMode Added CUSTOM_RANGES signaling mode.

  • OpportunityGenerator extractAdSignalingMode() - Set AdSignalingMode.CUSTOM_RANGES if replace ranges are in the metadata.

  • PlacementType Added CUSTOM_RANGE type.

  • PlacementMode

    • Added DELETE mode.
    • Added MARK mode
    • Added FreeReplace mode - This mode has a duration but is a pure insertion
  • TimeRange No longer a final class

  • Added ReplaceTimeRange() method

    Extends TimeRange to have a replacementDuration property. For the MARK and DELETE cases, replacementDuration is 0.

  • TimeRangeCollection

    • Added toReplaceMetadata() utility function to extract timeRanges.

    • Modified to work with DELETE and REPLACE


  • CatalogItem

    • Added createCustomTimeRangesFrom() - Creates metadata for MARK/DELETE/REPLACE use cases from the JSON file.
    • Removed createCustomAdMarkersMetadataFrom()
  • DefaultMetadataKeys

    • CUSTOM_AD_MARKERS_METADATA_KEY (did not change)
  • DefaultContentFactory

    • doRetrieveGenerators()

      • Added CustomRangesOpportunityGenerator for when the metadata contains custom ranges
    • doRetrieveResolvers()

      • Add CustomRangeResolver for when DELETE and REPLACE custom ranges are present in the metadata
      • Moved CustomAdMarkerResolver ahead of AuditudeResolver
  • Added CustomRangeOpportunityGenerator

    • doUpdate() Leaves empty - no Update, VOD

    • doProcess() Creates a new placement of a new type Placement.Delete_Range

    • Added CustomRangeOppotunityGenerator to the top of the generators list in DefaultContentFactory, so delete ranges are processed before ad insertions.

    • Added createCustomRangeOpportunities to create all the opportunities

      MARK - One opportunity for each valid mark range of PlacementType.CUSTOM_RANGE and PlacementMode.MARK

      DELETE - One opportunity for each valid delete range of PlacementType.CUSTOM_RANGE and PlacementMode.DELETE

      REPLACE - Two opportunities for each valid replace range:

      1. A delete range opportunity of PlacementType.CUSTOM_RANGE and PlacementMode.DELETE.

      2. An Primetime ad decisioning ad opportunity of PlacementType.MID_ROLL or PlacementType.PRE_ROLL and PlacementMode.FREEREPLACE

  • Added CustomRangeResolver:

    • doCanResolve() returns true for delete ranges.

    • Added createDeleteRangeOperation() to create DeleteRange for the placement

  • Added CustomRangeHelper:

    • Common utility class to extract Mark/Delete/Replace timeRanges and process them.
    • Added extractCustomRangesMetadata()
    • Added extractCustomRanges()
    • Added mergeRanges() - Resolves conflicts and subsets/merges
  • MediaPlayerTimeline:

    • ">In executeOperation(), if the operation is DeleteRange, added call to remove method in the operation

    • In executeOperation(), if the operation is NOPTimelineOperation (empty AdBreaks coming back from server), added call to clear.

    • Added onDeleteRangeComplete()

    • Added removeRange()

    • In adjustPlacement(), for PlacementMode.FREEREPLACE mode, zeroed out the duration. This duration is needed earlier when requesting AdBreaks, at this point it needs to be zero to be pure insertion.

  • VideoEngineTimeline Added removeC3Ad() - call removeByLocalTime() for delete ranges

  • AdSignalingModeGenerator

    • doConfigure() - Do not resolve if no opportunity is generated
    • createInitialOpportunity() - Do not generate initial opportunity for AdSignalingMode.CUSTOM_RANGE. The CustomRangeOpportunityGenerator covers this already.
  • DeleteRange

    • Extends TimelineOperation.
    • Created by CustomRangeResolver for delete and replacement (the deletion part of replacement)
  • AuditudeConstant

    • MAX_PLACEMENTS_PER_REQUEST 1->5 - allow packing
  • AuditudeRequest The accepts() method was modified to allow packing of different placement type (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll)

  • AuditudeRequestHelper Bug fixes to allow server override of Ad parameters

  • AuditudeResolver The canBePacked() method was changed to allow packing

  • CustomAdResolver The timeRange extraction functions have been removed. We get one placement at a time, and turn that into a AdBreakPlacement timelineOperation.

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