Primetime DRM interface overview

Last update: 2023-10-02

The key client-side element of the Primetime digital rights management (DRM) system is the DRM Manager.

Primetime DRM provides a scalable, efficient workflow to implement content protection in TVSDK applications. You protect and manage the rights to your video content by creating a license for each digital media file.

TVSDK supports Primetime DRM integration as custom DRM workflows. This means that your application must implement the DRM authentication workflows before playing the stream by using the Flash DRMManager. To enable this, the MediaPlayer provides you with the DRM manager for authentication.

These are the most important API elements for working with DRM:

  • A reference in the media player to the DRM manager object that implements the DRM subsystem:

    public function get drmManager():DRMManager

Additional relevant API elements:

For more information about DRM, see the Adobe Primetime DRM documentation.

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