Timeline classes

These classes provide information about the timeline of the particular media, including the placement of ads.

Package: com.adobe.mediacore.timeline



ContentTracker Interface that defines the protocol that you must implement if you want to create a content-tracking module that is designed to integrate with the TVSDK library.

This interface requires that you define the way progress events are reported to the remote tracking system.

Opportunity Base class for all opportunity classes. An opportunity class represents an "interesting" point on the timeline.
Placement Class that wraps information related to timeline placement.
PlacementMode Enumeration of placement modes, such as whether to insert or replace content.
PlacementType Enumeration of placement types that indicate where placement is made in the timeline; for example, PRE_ROLL.
Reservation A reservation is used to limit or prevent further processing of a certain time range on the timeline.
Timeline Interface that provides an iterator for processing timeline markers. Represents the timeline of the content, including ad breaks.
TimelineItem Class. Generic immutable representation of a timeline item.
TimelineMarker Class that represents a marker on the timeline. This marks a region of interest on the actual timeline. Currently, the regions of interest are the ads, which you might want to mark, for example, with a different color on the scrub bar UI. Each marker is defined by a position and a duration (each expressed in milliseconds).

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