Metadata classes

These classes provide metadata for advertising, namespaces, and tracking.

Package: com.adobe.mediacore.metadata

Name Description
AdSignalingMode Enumeration class exposing the supported signaling modes in the Phrase.
AuditudeSettings Class that extends Metadata specifically for Phrase. Provides properties to be configured for resolving Phrase ads for a given media item. You must set all the required properties, including zone ID, media ID, and ad server URL, to configure the player for successfully resolving ads.
ByteArrayMetadata Deprecated. Use Metadata.
DefaultMetadataKeys Class.
Metadata Defines the generic interface for configuring all available metadata for your player and additional objects.
MetadataNode Deprecated. Use Metadata.
MetadataUtils Class of methods for working with metadata.
TimedMetadata Class for the raw representation of the timed metadata inserted into a media stream.
TimedMetadataType Class containing the supported types for timed metadata (in the playlist or stream), such as ID3 metadata or tags.

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