Events classes

Last update: 2023-10-02

These classes describe events that the TVSDK dispatches to your media player in response to various activities.


Name Meaning
AdBreakPlaybackEvent Class. An ad break started or completed.
AdClickEvent Class. The user clicked an ad.
AdPlaybackEvent Class. The player played an ad.
BufferEvent Class. The player started or stopped buffering.
CustomAdEvent Class. The player displays custom ad loading status and can ignore ads that have errors or are taking too long to load.
DRMMetadataInfoEvent Class. New DRM metadata is associated with the current item.
LoadInformationEvent Class. Download information is available for the current media stream being played.
MediaPlayerItemEvent Class. A media player item has been created.
MediaPlayerItemLoaderEvent Class. A load operation has completed. Dispatched by MediaPlayerItemLoader to notify its clients.
MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent Class. The media player status changed.
MediaPlayerViewEvent Class. The MediaPlayerView was clicked.
PlaybackRateEvent Class. The media player’s playback rate changes.
ProfileEvent Class. The media player’s adaptive bit rate switching algorithm has switched to another profile due to network or machine conditions.
SeekEvent Class. The player started seeking or the seek operation completed.
SizeAvailableEvent Class. The video size is available.
TimeChangeEvent Class. The media player’s status changed.
TimedMetadataEvent Class. A timed metadata is processed by the opportunity detector.
TimelineEvent Class. The media player timeline has changed.

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