Notifications for manifest tags

The MediaPlayerItem.timedMetadata property gives you access to all the TimedMetadata objects created from playlist/manifest tags or from ID3 tags within the media stream. The MediaPlayerItem.hasTimedMetadata property indicates whether a subscribed custom tag is present in the current media.

You can monitor timed metadata by listening for the following events, which notify your application of related activity:

  • MediaPlayerItemEvent.ITEM_CREATED: The initial list of TimedMetadata objects is available after the MediaPlayerItem is created. This event notifies your application when this happens.

  • MediaPlayerItemEvent.ITEM_UPDATED: For live/linear streams where the manifest/playlist refreshes periodically, additional custom tags might appear in the updated playlist/manifest, so additional TimedMetadata objects might be added to the MediaPlayerItem.timedMetadata property. This event notifies your application when this happens.

  • TimedMetadataEvent.TIMED_METADATA_AVAILABLE: Every time that a new TimedMetadata object is created, this event is dispatched by the MediaPlayer. This event is not dispatched for the TimedMetadata object created during the initialization phase.

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