Custom ad events

The TVSDK player dispatches events to display custom ad loading status or to ignore an ad that is taking too long to load or has errors. These events are defined in events.CustomAdEvents.

Event Definition
AdClickThru The number of times the viewer clicked a custom ad.
AdError An error occurred with the custom ad.
AdLoaded The custom ad has loaded.
AdLoading The custom ad is loading.
AdPaused The custom ad has paused.
AdResumed The custom ad has continued playing after a pause.
AdPlaying The custom ad is playing.

The custom ad player notifies the TVSDK player about the progress of the custom ad.  

The currentTime and totalTime of the ad are passed with this event.

AdStarted The custom ad has started playing and is displayed to the viewer.
AdStopped The custom ad has finished playing.

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