TimeRange class

Custom ad markers allow you to pass a set of TimeRange specifications that represent timeline segments to TVSDK.

Each TimeRange specification in the set represents a segment on the playback timeline that is maintained internally by TVSDK and that must be appropriately marked as an ad-related period.

The TimeRange class is a simple data structure that exposes the start position and the end position on the timeline. These two read-only properties abstract the idea of a time range in the playback timeline.


Both values are expressed in milliseconds.

Here is a summary of the TimeRange class:

public final class TimeRange {
    // the start/end values are provided at construction
    public static function createRange(begin:Number, duration:Number {…}

    public function get begin():Number {…}
    public function get end():Number {…}
    public function get duration():Number {…}

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