Primetime TVSDK features

Last update: 2023-10-02

TVSDK for Android includes a variety of features and provides the following main capabilities:

  • VOD and live/linear playback

    • Management of the playback window, including methods that play, stop, pause, seek, and retrieve the playhead position
    • Support for full-event replay
    • Closed captioning (608, 708, WebVTT) and alternate forms of audio for increased accessibility
    • Control for text styling in captions
    • DVR capability , fast forward/fast rewind (trick-play mode)
    • Adaptive bit rate (ABR) logic and initial set up of ABR controls
    • Live manifest failover support
    • Adjustable playback buffers
    • Fragment duration, size, and time-to-download tracking support
  • Advertising

    • VPAID 2.0

    • Client-side ad stitching

      • Partial Ad-Break Insertion, that enables a TV-like experience of being able to join in the middle of an ad.
      • Seamless ad insertion, including support for VAST/VMAP
      • Support for custom cue tags for ads
      • Support for marking, replacing, and deleting C3 ads
      • Customizable content/ad insertion workflow including blackout signaling
  • Content protection

    • Access to digital rights management (DRM)-related services
    • Playback of HLS streams unencrypted or with Protected HTTP Live Streaming (PHLS)
    • Resolution-based output control, based on DRM policy
  • Video and ad tracking

    • QoS event tracking
    • Notifications that help TVSDK and your application to communicate asynchronously about the status of videos, advertisements, and other elements , and also that log activity
  • Logging

    • Debug logging
    • Tracking support for fragment duration, size, and time-to-download

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