Implement an early ad break return

Last update: 2023-10-02

For live stream ad insertion, you might need to exit from an ad break before all the ads in the break are played to completion.

For example, the duration of the ad break in certain sports events might not be known before the break starts. TVSDK provides a default duration, but if the game resumes before the break finishes, the ad break must be exited. Another example is an emergency signal during an ad break in a live stream.

  1. Subscribe to the splice out/in ad markers ( #EXT-X-CUE-OUT, #EXT-X-CUE-IN, and #EXT-X-CUE).

    For more information about to how to splice out/in ad markers, see Opportunity generators and content resolvers.

  2. Use a custom ContentFactory.

  3. In retrieveGenerators(), use the SpliceInPlacementOpportunityGenerator.

    For example:

    public List<OpportunityGenerator> retrieveGenerators(MediaPlayerItem item) {
        List<OpportunityGenerator> generators = new ArrayList<OpportunityGenerator>();
        return generators;

    For more information about using a custom ContentFactory, see step 1 in Implement a custom opportunity detector .

  4. On the same custom ContentFactory, implement retrieveResolvers and include AuditudeResolver and SpliceInCustomResolver.

    For example:

    List<ContentResolver> contentResolvers = new ArrayList<ContentResolver>();
    contentResolvers.add(new AuditudeResolver(getActivity().getApplicationContext()));
    contentResolvers.add(new SpliceInCustomResolver());
    return contentResolvers;

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