Last update: 2023-10-02

You can use the features of the Primetime Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to provide secure access to your video content. Alternatively, you can use third-party DRM solutions as an alternative to Adobe’s integrated Primetime DRM solution.

Check with your Adobe representative for the most up-to-date information on the availability of 3rd-party DRM solutions.

The key client-side element of the Primetime digital rights management (DRM) system is the DRM Manager. The sample application included with the Android SDK includes a DRMHelper class that demonstrates how to make certain DRM operations easier to implement.

Primetime DRM provides a scalable, efficient workflow to implement content protection in TVSDK applications. You protect and manage the rights to your video content by creating a license for each digital media file.

Refer to the DRM sample player code included in the TVSDK package.

These are the most important API elements for working with DRM:

  • A reference in the media player to the DRM manager object that implements the DRM subsystem:


    This API will return a valid DRMManager object only after the MediaPlayerEvent.DRM_METADATA is fired. If you call getDRMManager() before this event fires, it might return NULL.

  • The DRMHelper helper class, which is useful when implementing DRM workflows.

    You can see DRMHelper in ReferencePlayer.

  • A DRMHelper metadata loader method, which loads DRM metadata when it is located in a separate URL from the media.

    public static void loadDRMMetadata(final DRMManager drmManager,
       final String drmMetadataUrl,
       final DRMLoadMetadataListener loadMetadataListener);
  • A DRMHelper method to check the DRM metadata to determine whether authentication is needed.

    * Return whether authentication is needed for the provided
    * DRMMetadata.
    * @param drmMetadata
    * The desired DRMMetadata on which to check whether auth is needed.
    * @return whether authentication is required for the provided metadata
    public static boolean isAuthNeeded(DRMMetadata drmMetadata);
  • DRMHelper method to perform authentication.

    * Helper method to perform DRM authentication.
    * @param drmManager
    * the DRMManager, used to perform the authentication.
    * @param drmMetadata
    * the DRMMetadata, containing the DRM specific information.
    * @param authenticationListener
    * the listener, on which the user can be notified about the
    * authentication process status.
    * @param authUser
    * the DRM username provider by the user.
    * @param authPass
    * the DRM password provided by the user.
    public static void performDrmAuthentication(final DRMManager drmManager,
    final DRMMetadata drmMetadata,
    final String authUser,
    final String authPass,
    final DRMAuthenticationListener authenticationListener);
  • Events that notify your application about various DRM activities and status.

Additional relevant API elements:

For more information about DRM, see the Adobe Primetime DRM documentation.

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