To provide a smoother viewing experience, TVSDK sometimes buffers the video stream. You can configure the way the player buffers.

TVSDK defines a playback buffer length of at least 30 seconds and an initial buffer time within that, before the media starts playing, of at least 2 seconds. After the application calls play but before playback begins, TVSDK buffers the media up to the initial time to give a smooth start when it actually starts playing.

You can alter the buffer times by defining new buffering policies and you can alter when the initial buffering occurs by using instant-on.

Set buffering times

The MediaPlayer provides methods to set and get the initial buffering time and playback buffering time.


If you do not set the buffer control parameters before beginning playback, the media player defaults to 2 seconds for the initial buffer and 30 seconds for the ongoing playback buffer time.

  1. Set up the BufferControlParameters object, which encapsulates the initial buffer time and playback buffer time control parameters:

    This class provides two factory methods:
    • To set the initial buffer time equal to the play buffer time:

      public static BufferControlParameters createSimple(
          long bufferTime)
    • To set both the initial and play buffer times:

      public static BufferControlParameters createDual(
          long initialBuffer,
          long bufferTime)

      These methods throw an IllegalArgumentException if the parameters are not valid, such as when:

    • The initial buffer time is less than zero.

    • The initial buffer time is greater than the buffer time.

  2. To set the buffer parameter values, use this MediaPlayer method:

    void setBufferControlParameters(BufferControlParameters params)
  3. To get the current buffer parameter values, use this MediaPlayer method:

       BufferControlParameters getBufferControlParameters()

    If the AVE cannot set the specified values, the media player enters the ERROR state with the error code SET_BUFFER_PARAMETERS_ERROR.

For example, to set the initial buffer to 2 seconds and the playback buffer time to 30 seconds:

mediaPlayer.setBufferControlParameters(BufferControlParameters.createDual(2000, 30000));

The Primetime reference implementation demonstrates this feature; use the application’s settings to set the buffer values.

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