TimeRangeCollection class

The TimeRangeCollection utility class abstracts the notion of an ordered collection of TimeRange specifications and provides services to translate itself into a Metadata instance.

public final class TimeRangeCollection {
    // default constructor method
    public TimeRangeCollection(Type type) {...}

    // the list of timerange specifications provided at construction time
    public TimeRangeCollection(Type type, List<TimeRange> timeRanges) {...}

    // timerange specs can also be added later
    public void addTimeRange(TimeRange timeRange) {...}

    // translate the set of timerange specs into a Metadata instance
    public Metadata toMetadata(Metadata options) {...}

The type parameter, which is the first positional parameter in the signature of the constructor methods, is an instance of the TimeRangeCollection#Type enumeration. This is part of the TimeRangeCollection class. The values that are currently defined by this enumeration are MARK_RANGES, DELETE_RANGES, and REPLACE_RANGES. You can create TimeRangeCollection objects using these three types.

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