Control playback behavior for seeking over custom ad markers

Last update: 2023-10-02

You can override the default behavior for how TVSDK seeks over ads when using custom ad markers.

By default, when a user seeks into or past ad sections that result from the placement of custom ad markers, TVSDK skips the ads. This might differ from the current playback behavior for standard ad breaks.

You can tell TVSDK to reposition the playhead to the beginning of the most recently skipped custom ad when the user seeks past one or more custom ads.

  1. Configure a Metadata instance with the DefaultMetadataKeys.METADATA_KEY_ADJUST_SEEK_ENABLED enumeration set to the string value “true” (not as a Boolean true).

    Metadata metadata = new MetadataNode();
  2. Create and configure a MediaResource instance, passing the additional configuration options to TimeRangeCollection.toMetadata. This method receives additional configuration options via another generic metadata structure.

    MediaResource mediaResource =

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