Content and manifest requirements

Check the restrictions and requirements for streams and playlists (manifests).

Content segment duration The duration of a segment must not exceed the target duration that is specified in the manifest file.
Content requirement Every TS segment should start with a key frame.
HLS Content

Remember the following:

  • AAC-SSR audio is not supported.
  • Audio codecs AC3 and Enhanced AC3 are not supported.
  • HLS streams with discontinuity, but no discontinuity markers are not supported.
  • HLS Live does not support the time stamp rollover.
  • Ads in the DVR window of HLS Live streams are not resolved.
  • Byte range is not supported with AES-128 encrypted content.

DASH content

Remember the following:

  • For Live streams - The live profile with dynamic type is supported.
  • For VOD streams - The live profile with static type is supported.
  • For VOD streams - The on-demand profile is not certified for ad workflows.
  • Playback of DASH streams with multiple periods is not supported.
  • Embedded Captions (608/708), signaled via the Accessibility tag, are supported.
  • Fragmented/Segmented VTT files are not supported.
  • Streams with inband custom tags are not certified.

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